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Aug 31, 2013, 11:49 ET from jey International Management

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James Yeates and Zoe Lucy of jey are seeing a boom in their business due to YouTube exceeding all expectations since its inception in 2005. It has become the world's largest video sharing site and the second largest search engine. There are 6 billion hours of video watched every month - that's almost an hour for everyone on earth! In 8 years YouTube has created a new breed of superstar, the Vloggers, the Gamers, the make up artists and not forgetting the cats!      

A perfect example of a YouTube creators rise to fame are Jack and Finn Harries aka JacksGap. These twins created their channel in June 2011, vlogging about their life and getting up to mischief as only twins can! This inspired a huge following of subscribers, viewers and fans. The boys have over 2½ million subscribers and nearly 500,000 views a day. Wherever they go they cause a furore and if you didn't know from the screams and shouts, you would think One Direction had just walked in the room! JacksGap are not unique in their popularity as there are thousands of top tier YouTube creators in the UK and US commanding the same following.

With all this popularity and influence, surely it is highly beneficial for brands to be associated with this new breed of star. jey, a new, unique company was founded to bridge the gap between creator and brand, focusing on creating the right pairing to facilitate a mutually beneficial partnership. If brands utilise the influence of these YouTube creators, they are able to reach the online generation who are becoming increasingly elusive to traditional advertising methods, and for brands, that's important, as 50% of the worlds population is under 25, so if 1 billion of them are using YouTube monthly, YouTube better feature in a brands marketing strategy!

This online generation rely heavily on peer-to-peer recommendation, which is why YouTube offers such as a unique and versatile advertising platform. The creators talk to their audience on a personal, one-to-one level, making the viewer feel not only connected to the creator but, also, feel they are a part of their social group. Harnessing the influence and social status of these creators make them perfect brand advocates and the celebrity endorsers of the future!

jey is committed to continue building on their strong relationships with creators and brands and making YouTube become the marketing platform of the 'now'. The company works directly with a global network of YouTube creators amassing more than 2.5 billion monthly views and facilitates product placement, campaign videos, sponsored channels, public appearances and brand endorsement. With offices in London and Los Angeles, they are at the forefront of innovative marketing strategies and leading this new media revolution.

jey is the celebrity endorsement agency for the online generation.

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