JFYNet Saves Students $1 Million

JFYNetWorks announces that its JFYNet College Readiness program has saved students over $1 million in tuition and fees for remedial college courses

Dec 01, 2015, 08:43 ET from JFYNetWorks

BOSTON, Dec. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- JFYNet has enabled students to eliminate 2039 remedial courses and save $1,099,423 in tuition and fees that they can use for credit-earning courses that lead to a degree. 

College is a necessity in today's job market, says JFY executive director Gary Kaplan. College graduates earn more and get jobs more easily than non-graduates. And the college advantage will increase in coming years: two thirds of jobs will require some kind of degree.  But less than half of our high school graduates succeed in getting a college degree—even a two-year degree.

The main reason for this low graduation rate is remedial courses that exhaust college funds and leave students with no credits. These remedial courses are required because of low scores on mandatory college placement tests.  63% of community college freshmen—6000 students each year-- have to take one or more remedial courses.  90% of these remedial students drop out without a degree.

The JFYNet program solves this problem by helping students prepare for the college placement tests in high school.  The program works with juniors and seniors, administering the tests and conducting online classes that build the skills to pass the tests before they get to college.

"We've done many kinds of education and training over the years," said JFY executive director Gary Kaplan. "This program, helping students make the crucial transition from high school to college, is the most important thing we could be doing right now. If young people don't have the skills to succeed in community college, whether they get a degree or not, their long term career prospects are very limited. If we truly want every high school graduate to be 'college and career ready,' we have to make sure they can meet college standards when they walk out the high school door. That's exactly what our College Readiness program does."

The JFYNet program provides college-readiness assessment and instruction to over 2000 students in 11 high schools.  JFYNetWorks is a Boston-based non-profit provider of standards-based blended learning programs to schools, colleges and community agencies.  JFYNetWorks has been developing and delivering innovative education and training programs since 1976.