Jim Pigg Leads Wagyu Cattle to Western Wyoming at The Cakebread Ranch

*Jim Pigg joins Cakebread Ranch as Ranch Manager

*Cakebread Ranch focuses on Full Blood 100% Wagyu Cattle

Oct 17, 2012, 12:26 ET from The Cakebread Ranch

STAR VALLEY, Wyo., Oct. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Western Wyoming's premier full-blooded Wagyu cattle operation at The Cakebread Ranch has announced the hiring of Ranch Manager Jim Pigg. Outside Japan, it is one of only of a handful of operations that can sustain the necessary requirements to raise and sell the high-quality 100% Wagyu beef.

"This is a unique operation we have at The Cakebread Ranch," says Ranch Manager Jim Pigg. "I am a country guy, and don't really like to say it, but we are a boutique cattle producer. We are only focusing on the best of the best and it is exciting to be a part of it."

The Cakebread Ranch has over 350 pastoral acres along the Salt River, which provides a phenomenal environment to raise cattle as well as produce top quality feed. The beef of the Wagyu; a Japanese variety of cattle, is naturally predisposed to intense marbling, which means the meat has a superior flavor and natural succulence.

"We apply the Japanese methods to the care and raising of the full blood Wagyu," notes Jim Pigg. "Attention is given to a reduced stress environment and high quality organic grasses and feeds to produce a product with superior flavor."

"It is like producing a fine wine," says Steve Cakebread. "The key influence on flavor is the quality of the 100% Wagyu cattle we are raising and the organic grasses we use to feed the herd. We are excited to have Jim  on our team and he has been great at the attention to detail in all aspects of raising the best beef."

By taking control of the Wagyu cattle operation, Jim Pigg has introduced some innovative changes, including the installation of a Temple Grandin livestock handling system for humane treatment and stress reduction of the livestock. Organic feed is also an important component. The Cakebread Ranch is now growing its own organic hay, and Pigg's team has fenced off the river, feeder and spring creeks to avoid erosion from cattle.

Best of all, a new bull was recently purchased with pure bloodlines from Japan. This will allow the Cakebread Ranch to grow the herd and continue their high standards for gene quality.

About Cakebread Ranch

Steve and Jill Cakebread founded the Cakebread Ranch in Star Valley, Wyoming in 2005. Their vision is to  provide the highest quality guest experience in fly fishing and gourmet dining.  As well as produce premier food products from the organic farm  and Kobe beef quality meat from the  100% Wagyu cattle ranch. The ranch strives to be a model of sustainable ranching, farming and outdoor activities in Wyoming through restoration of habitats and  on going educational programs in the community and for our guests. Please join Jill and Steve Cakebread at the Cakebread Ranch for a memorable experience.

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