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World's Hottest Social Business Network Redefines Teamwork at the Office with Jive for Teams: Allows Groups of 25 or more to Ditch E-Mail, Eliminate Meetings, and Start Collaborating the Social Business Way

May 10, 2012, 09:15 ET from Jive Software

NEW YORK, May 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Why Jive for Teams? Let's face it, most companies' team communications are like most people's closets: horribly inefficient, poorly organized, and completely out of focus – you have to hunt for what matters most. No number of meetings is ever going to solve that. And don't even mention e-mail. No team can function in an e-mail-centric world with a send/receive or reply-all buttons as the only recourse to group engagement. Enter Jive for Teams social business software. Jive for Teams changes the way work gets done by allowing communication and collaboration on a platform that is engaging, easy-to-use, and accessible.

"Companies say they want their teams to use internal networks for collaboration and feedback and then use endless emails and meetings to solicit that information. Who does this in real life?" says John F. Rizzo, CMO at Jive. " E-mail is a great way to send messages but an awful way to connect and have a conversation – just look at those endless, unwieldy, unsearchable, multi-person e-mail threads that constantly veer off course. Businesses need to engage and enable internal teams the way they ACTUALLY communicate – that is, using technology that facilitates and makes communication and collaboration better, not worse. Jive for Teams is social business software designed to save time, reduce the number of meetings and emails, and increase the ability of teams to collaborate, communicate and connect in one place."

How Jive Connects

Jive is already a trusted leader in social business software; millions of employees at and customers of some world's largest companies – like Nike, Starbucks, and T-Mobile – are using Jive powered communities to transform their businesses. The new Jive for Teams builds on this success with a software service that works through a web browser, quick to adopt, customizable, scalable, and secure, instantly enhancing teamwork in an engaging Facebook-familiar way. It cuts down on wasted time and senseless distraction by steering teams to a space where connection and conversation happen all at once in ways that have never been possible before.  It leverages social technology in a way that makes business work better!

Built entirely in the "cloud," the software supports the changing needs of dynamic teams of 25 to 250,000 members that are often dispersed in offices throughout the country or world – not to mention the sales forces that are constantly on the road, the 30 million-plus people who telecommute once a day, the part-timers who need connection away from the office, the working parents who need to escape now and then…. and allows them to:

  • Eliminate unproductive meetings and those dreaded e-mail threads: Information relevant to any topic is in one place so people can act on it (one company saw its decision-making time cut from days to less than 12 hours)
  • Stay informed, trained and aligned: Keep important communication out of the inbox – group discussions are always "live" and accessible and in a place that is searchable and designed for collaboration (one large media posted a research training guide that was not only reviewed by 500 people in 24 hours but discussed in an open forum that all could see).
  • Search for information and expertise: Where did I put that? Stop looking through endless folders and find what matters most using keywords that return everything from conversations to project plans, videos, discussions, and more (a digital company quadrupled its speed of locating information)
  • Leverage the experience of all teams: Solutions and lessons learned are stored in a common place easily accessible to everyone to stop duplicated efforts and time wasted tracking information down (one group saw a 36% increase in successful deals, a 31% decrease in the time it took to answer questions and a 28% reduction in redundant tasks)

Jive Kicks off Social Business Month in May

In celebration of the launch of Jive for Teams in May, Jive is announcing the kick off of Social Business Month and offering a unique opportunity for any team member at any company: the chance to be a "Workplace Hero" by embracing social business and signing their company up for a free month of Jive for Teams. This trial offer includes a step-by-step Jive Discover Journey to make adoption easy and drive immediate business value. In addition, as part of the Jive trial, teams get access to a dedicated Success Coach to help them leverage the wealth of best practices that Jive has been building for almost a decade. Jive is also taking over the #socbiz hashtag for May to engage current customers and internal and external members of the community and ask them to share their personal stories of how they use social business to make them better workers, leaders, champions, and even parents.

Rejecting social media as a business tool is like a deprivation diet: it works for a while but all it does in the end is make you miserable. Jive for Teams social business platforms channel the "distraction" into something productive to save time and improve collaboration and communication the way hundreds of millions of people do every day.

About Jive Software

Jive Software (NASDAQ: JIVE) is a leading global Social Business company. We bring social technology innovations from the consumer world into enterprises securely and at scale, changing the way work gets done. Our platform combines the power of big data, enterprise integrations and social collaboration technologies. Millions of people at the world's largest companies are using Jive-powered communities internally and externally to transform their businesses.

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