Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon Wants Transvaginal Mesh $1.2MM Verdict Thrown Out, says Legal-Bay Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Case Funding Firm reports on the recent request by Ethicon to a Texas appellate court to toss the $1.2 million jury verdict against them, and company also reaffirms their focus on funding verdict and judgment on appeal cases and securing adequate capital to fund large lawsuit settlement funding.

Sep 29, 2015, 05:00 ET from Legal-Bay LLC

Los Angeles, Calif., Sept. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, reports today that Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon unit recently requested a Texas appellate court to throw out a $1.2 million jury verdict against them. The jury verdict was awarded to a woman who said she was injured by Ethicon's TVT-O pelvic mesh, however, Ethicon is requesting the verdict toss because they believe there wasn't enough evidence that the product was defective in its design. Ethicon also argued that the woman only had "speculative evidence" that her injuries may have been caused due to the defective mesh product. The $1.2 million verdict was awarded to the woman in April of 2014, however, the jury declined to award any punitive damages after finding that Ethicon provided adequate warning of the risks that were known.

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