Joining the 2014 TFM&A & ECE, 100% Gaining the CamCard and CamScanner

Metrics, effectiveness, customer experience

Apr 17, 2014, 10:00 ET from UBM China

SHANGHAI, April 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Organized by China's largest commercial exhibition organizer UBM China and SISA, the Technology for Marketing & Advertising & eCommerce Expo (2014 TFM&A & ECE) will be held on 15-16th May in Shanghai.

If you register for the 2014 TFM&A and eCommerce Expo China from now, you will get the following gifts, where the winning rate is 100%!


  • Top30 will get the CamCard and CamScanner that is worth CNY506, including:
    CamCard (CC ipad version, CNY128)+ CamCard (CC mobile version, CNY78)+CamScanner(CS,CNY30/month, CNY300/year)
  • Top50 will get the CamCard and CamScanner that is worth CNY378, including:
    CamScanner(CS,CNY300/year)+ CamCard (CC Mobile, CNY78)
  • Top100 will get the CamCard and CamScanner that is worth CNY206, including:
    CamCard (CC pad, CNY128)+ CamCard (CC Mobile, CNY78)


  1. Log on to the website of 2014 TFM&A: and register
  2. The award winners who are eligible will get CamCard and CamScanner (They will be sent by Email)

2014 TFM&A will still be held with ECE at the same time. The theme will be on "standard, result, customer experience", and TFM&A will bring more modern advertising techniques in digital marketing and set standards with industry colleagues, which will bring the greatest results for enterprises so that they can promote the healthy and sustainable development in China's marketing and advertising industry.


It is by far the most professional card identification and management software, which can identify various languages cards quickly and correctly, saving the information in the address book automatically. CamCard can add the image-text and video to cards, showing the individual, product and company in a three-dimensional way. It can also keep an up-to-date business networking library, helping users to visit customers and manage customer relationships.


It provides the integrative solutions of file scanning, saving, management, sharing, communication and cooperation. CamScanner will turn a mobile phone into a scanner, fax machine, pdf converter and text extraction tool that you can carry every day as well as a file sharing platform.

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