Jollyhome: Home Decor That Makes Your House A Home

Jul 22, 2013, 12:00 ET from

HANGZHOU, China, July 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Nowadays, consumer culture has totally become part of the air we breathe. Meanwhile, higher purchasing power requires more superior quality and personalized service from vendors. The concept of customized home decor allows a house owner to become a designer instead of merely a bystander. More ingenious people are even attempting DIY home decor projects along the lines of their own habits and styles.

Aimed at enhancing the cultural value of home decoration, Jollyhome is dedicated to designing creative home decor options to help build people build the life that they deserve.

Home design is vital for modern people who attach more importance to quality of life than material goods alone. A home, however, is not only a shelter for the house owner, but a comfortable living space that manifests his or her own style. A sophisticated home decor will easily freshen up a house when it goes well with the layout, tone and style.

To create a one-stop online emporium of home decoration, Jollyhome offers a wide range of home decor options, all of which are designed to be innovative, dedicated and fashionable. From Chinese traditional woodcarvings to modern European artwork, and from exquisite storage items to distinctive kitchenware, everything can be found at Jollyhome.

Storage items give more room. With everything in its place, innovative storage kitchenware makes all kitchen tasks much easier. It is reported that women tend to prefer an orderly lifestyle. Various storage boxes offer women a great choice to make their wardrobes and dressers orderly and lovely.

Different home decor styles show different life understanding. However, people are inclined to choose home decor items that can inspire their perceptual imagination to weave a story about their home. Therefore, home decor is just the way to make your house a home. Jollyhome helps you realize the dream for your home.

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