Jollyhome Lighting: More Energy, Less Consumption

Jul 09, 2013, 12:00 ET from

HANGZHOU, China, July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- If the constant flow of people and cars is the blood of the modern city and the household is the skeleton, then light will be the elf coming and going. With the rocketing development of lighting, customers are paying more attention to its personalized decorative effect.

From abstractly designed droplights to distinctive floor lamps, from creative ceiling lamps to delicate lamps, people are interested in lighting that can personalize their lives. Most customers also demand lighting that decorates a room.

However, prevailing energy-saving and environment-protection concepts make customers focus more on energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and health. Some people also believe lighting cannot be both decorative and energy-saving. For example, the quartz lamp needs a high luminance source to refract the sparkling light.

Actually, using LED bulbs can both save electricity and provide the best illuminating effect. An authentic research has taken a 100w incandescent lamp, a 25w electricity-saving lamp and a 10w LED lamp with similar brightness as an example. After continuous illumination for 6,000 hours, the 100w incandescent lamp consumed 600 kilowatts per hour, the 25w electricity-saving lamp used 150 kilowatts per hour while the 10w LED lamp only required 60 kilowatts per hour. The statistics showed that the LED lamp consumes 60 percent less energy than the electricity-saving lamp and 90 percent less than the incandescent lamp. Additionally, the service life of LED can reach up to 300,000 hours, which is five times more than the electricity-saving lamp and 20 times more than the incandescent lamp.

The Smiths in Los Angeles bought three quartz lamps from in April 2013. They said that they found products from are about $20 cheaper than other websites. After two months, they found the quartz lamps consume several times less energy than normal lamps while still providing brilliant light.

Lightings from show a strong sense of modernity with distinctive and artistic designs, which give wider choices for household lighting. With an environment friendly concept, designs the lighting with high quality and various styles.

Besides, based on the understanding of a user's psychology, brings its own perception to modern lighting - great lighting should be natural, personalized, and environment friendly to meet the physical and emotional demands of customers.

You can have your cake and eat it too! You can get lighting that is both energy-saving and beautiful.
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