Joomag tops 50,000 publishers

Jul 01, 2013, 16:58 ET from Joomag, Inc.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- There is a celebration going on in the corridors of Joomag, the digital magazine publishing company.  They have topped 50K publishers!  Since the early days in 2010 they have worked hard to create a magazine publishing tool that is accessible to everyone, easy to use, and reasonably priced or even free.  In August 2012 they had an impressive 10,000 publishers online, but six months later had managed to triple that number to 30,000 happy publishers.  Now, only 3 months later, on June 27th 2013 they have topped the magic milestone of 50,000 publishers of digital magazines.


These clients are not just the small home-based entrepreneurs or writers that one might assume.  There are some very big names, such as IBM and Google using the Joomag digital publishing tools to create some of their online content.  The company has also created some special offers for academic institutions such as colleges and universities.  They currently have students and teachers from over 130 educational establishments throughout the world using their products to publish e-learning materials, coursework and papers.  Again, some very big names are to be found amongst this list including Stanford and Georgetown.

Constant innovation and adaptation of their digital publishing range, to meet and satisfy their clients' needs, seems to be at the heart of this success.  Whether it be for the free subscriber engaging in small-scale publishing of interactive magazines or the Platinum subscriber engaging in multi-branding and mass mailing, Joomag seek constantly to improve the service provided to make their tools user-friendly and fun, whilst turning out a professional-looking finished product.  Readers can enjoy the page-flipping experience of reading a paper magazine, but can have the added experiences of video or audio clips, animations and interactive elements.  However satisfying the feel of a glossy magazine may be in your hands, it can never offer you the added benefits of the new interactive magazines.

With a global population becoming more and more concerned about the environment, and damage caused by over-production of consumer products, many people are turning to technology to provide the solutions.  The huge expansion in the use of digital applications and hardware means that now they can access their favorite magazine from a variety of mobile devices, wherever they may be.  Joomag have worked hard to make their publication apps work seamlessly across all the major devices, regularly trouble-shooting, updating and improving the service.

One of the great benefits of this publishing revolution is the emergence of experts on a wide variety of subjects, who have no previous experience in journalism, but who are able now to share their expertise and knowledge base by means of these publication tools.  Joomag's clients are able to create digital magazines from scratch, with no training, using these easy-to-use, interactive applications to create an exciting, good-looking and fun magazine.  The publication can be restricted to selected users, or you can make use of Joomag's sales capability to sell your product online, manage your subscribers and track your campaigns.  Last but not least, Joomag can also provide hard copies of the magazine, and arrange for them to be distributed as required.

Congratulations to Joomag for satisfying the needs of 50,000 happy customers with their innovative products.

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