JOT Automation Introduces New Production Test Solution for Smart Devices

Nov 29, 2012, 09:53 ET from JOT Automation

OULU, Finland, November 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

The production volumes of smart devices like smart phones and tablet PCs are booming and manufacturers are looking for solutions to speed up the development cycles and to overcome the capacity challenges in manufacturing. The JOT M10 Functional Test Solution has been developed to answer this need. JOT M10 is the successor to the very popular JOT Multi Level Tester, the world's most-used automated production test solution for mobile devices until now.

The JOT M10 Functional Test Solution will be the world's most effective, scalable and modular solution for board / PCB-level functional testing, flashing and RF-tuning of smart devices like mobile phones, smart phones, tablet computers, PCs and computers, motherboards, automotive electronics,  or basically any electronics product with high production quality requirements.

One of the key benefits of the solution is that the very same test solution can be taken from R&D to production to secure efficient and swift production ramp up. The other key benefit of the solution is the modular system architecture, which enables the M10 to easily adapt to production volume variations during a product's life cycle, and also between the production lines and factories.  

The JOT M10 Functional Test Solution consists of M10 Test Boxes, M10 Test Rack, and M10 Test Handler.

The M10 Test Boxes come with integrated test electronics and are available both as RF and non-RF variants, supporting both module and panel-level testing.  

In a production environment, M10 Test Boxes can be accommodated to M10 Test Rack together with  third-party test instruments.  The M10 Test Rack with Test Boxes can be served manually or automatically with the M10 Test Handler. To create a real test monster, you can have several M10s in a row. For maximum capacity, test phases can be split flexibly, both inside the rack and between the racks.

The M10 is suitable for a variety of test strategies, processes, end products and applications, making it a future-proof investment for manufacturers of smart devices.

The JOT M10 Functional Test Solution has raised a lot of interest from handset manufacturers, chipset manufacturers and test instrument manufacturers already prior to the official launch. The solution is now available in beta for select customers and will be showcased for the first time at the APEX Exhibition in San Diego in February 2013.

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