Joyent Acquires Layerboom Systems

Deal Will Expand Joyent Cloud Solutions and Enhance Support for Windows/Linux Users

Jul 15, 2010, 12:44 ET from Joyent

SAN FRANCISCO, July 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Joyent, a leading global provider of cloud computing solutions, announced today that it has acquired Vancouver-based Layerboom Systems, a leading provider of software virtual server management tools for hosting providers and enterprise companies.

The acquisition will enable Joyent to offer expanded cloud infrastructure services to customers by adding new virtualization technology for Windows and Linux operating systems. Joyent customers will be the only cloud computing users able to enjoy the benefits of both the cloud-optimized Joyent SmartOS and legacy Windows and Linux platforms in their application architectures.

The acquisition marks the third such major deal in the past few years as Joyent actively transforms its unique smart computing solutions into the most comprehensive infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service offering on the market.

"Joyent already offers customers the widest range of integrated Smart Technologies to support high-performance and reliable cloud computing," said Joyent CEO David Young. "With Layerboom's capabilities on our team, we are able to offer a broader technology portfolio and continue to drive the development of increasingly sophisticated cloud-based application architectures."

Layerboom's dynamic, open-source virtual server cloud management solutions provide a powerful multi-tenant administration system that enables flexibility and agility in managing virtual private server cloud build out and maintenance. Layerboom's technologies are designed to be easy to deploy and manage, allowing IT professionals the freedom to attend to more business-critical functions.

"By joining forces with Joyent, Layerboom technology will become seamlessly incorporated into one of the leading cloud technology providers," said Howie Wu, CEO of Layerboom. "This will allow us to provide Joyent customers with a broader range of solutions across a wider swathe of industries supported by Joyent's Smart Technology."

About Joyent

Joyent has been providing infrastructure as a service since 2004, long before it was ever called "cloud computing." The company recently expanded its global operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and China to meet the growing demand for public and private cloud development in those regions. For more information about Joyent's unique stack of enterprise-class smart technologies for cloud computing, visit

Joyent is a leading infrastructure provider for some of the fastest growing businesses on the Web, including:

Watercooler, which supports millions of users every day on Joyent architecture

LinkedIn, which delivers billions of pages each month using Joyent infrastructure services.

Country Life, which has used Joyent's high performance infrastructure to scale quickly to over 8 million monthly active users on Facebook with great gameplay.

Gilt Group, one of the world's fastest growing eCommerce businesses, which has been able to reduce costs significantly by building on Joyent infrastructure.