Judge-Court Showdown On Ballot Fraud: Full Disclosure Network® Video Report

Aug 09, 2011, 06:10 ET from Full Disclosure Network

WASHINGTON, Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In an exclusive cable TV interview Civic Leader David R. Hernandez, describes his historic legal challenge against "ballot fraud" perpetrated on the voters by the lobbyist sponsors and elected Public Officials who used fraudulent ballot language in a Charter Amendment to trick the voters of Los Angeles into approving Proposition "R" on the 2007 ballot.  Hernandez has filed a Motion to Set Aside Judge David Yaffe's Void judgment in the Superior Court case of Hernandez v. County of Los Angeles           alleging the Judge never disclosed to the litigants that he had received $860,000 from the County who was a party to the case therefore rendering his judgment in favor of the County to be null and void.   California State Judges are prohibited by the Constitution from accepting money from other than their employer and they are prohibited from taking money from parties appearing before them.

Preview Describes Ballot Fraud Committed

Here is a 2 minute online video preview from the interview now featured on the Full Disclosure Network® on public cable channels across the nation.  Hernandez describes how and why the ballot fraud was committed and why he is waging a war against a "Culture of Corruption." He blames the elected officials and the lobbyists for undermining the integrity of the election and Democratic process. Video here: http://www.fulldisclosure.net/Programs/602.php

Video Reveals Voters Deceived  

The interview consists of six, eight minute segments describing the fraudulent ballot language that misled the voters into thinking they were limiting the Council terms; when they were actually extending Council terms to three instead of two, four year terms. Nowhere in the ballot language was reference to the fact that their votes would result in Lifetime Public Pensions for the 15 Council members who voted to place the initiative on the ballot without disclosing the enormous liability to the taxpayers.  

Links To Video Segments  Online (8 min ea)

Segment #1- Judge OK'd Fraudulent Ballot Initiative

Segment #2 - Move To Set-Aside Judge Yaffe's Void Order

Segment #3 – Non Disclosed Pension Benefits for Council and Judges

Segment #4 – LA Becomes City of Bell with Ballot Fraud Squeezing Taxpayers

Segment #5 -  Election Lawsuit Against County/City Could Reverse Outcome

Segment #6 – County Payments To Judges Corrupt Judicial Actions

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