JUMORE E-commerce Initiates Cross-Border Cooperation With Countries Included in China's "One Belt, One Road" Strategy

Jul 09, 2015, 22:07 ET from Zhejiang JUMORE E-commerce Platform

HANGZHOU, China, July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - JUMORE E-commerce Co., Ltd. held an event in Beijing on July 8thto expand cooperation in relation to the cross-border e-commerce of bulk commodities.

Diplomatic envoys from the main countries standing to benefit from China's "One Belt, One Road" strategy as well as from other major countries, business representatives from every corner of the globe, key media outlets from within China and abroad as well as nearly one hundred representatives from the South-South Cooperation, the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, the Universal Esperanto Association, the JMDH Charity Foundation and China Report engaged in in-depth discussions concerning the online cross-border procurement of bulk commodities and online promotion of made-in-China goods with the executives from JUMORE heading up the company's cross-border efforts.

A press conference for The World's First Bulk Commodities Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit, which will be hosted by JUMORE in Beijing this October, was also held at the event.

After the event, the diplomatic envoys and business representatives from the countries included in China's "One Belt, One Road" strategy gained a deeper understanding concerning JUMORE's innovation model, strategic planning and international partnerships. They expressed their willingness to visit JUMORE's headquarters to continue the business discussions, and invited the Chinese company to their respective countries in preparation for entering into a bilateral cooperation and establishing a strategic partnership.

JUMORE President & CEO, Lu Hongxiang was interviewed by more than 20 Chinese and foreign media organizations including CCTV, people.com.cn, Xinhua News Agency, Ta Kung Pao, Phoenix Satellite TV and China Today, answering their questions about JUMORE's comprehensive services for bulk commodities and for the manufacturing sector.

JUMORE is the world's first full-line bulk commodities cross-border e-commerce platform. The platform integrates e-commerce, online financing, global sourcing, cloud storage, Internet of things, supply chain finance, a manufacturing support system, a market research center, a futures hedge center, intelligent logistics and big data support, in a move to provide Chinese manufacturing firms with financial support for raw material sourcing, services across the supply chain, in tandem with transforming the sector through the application of Industry 4.0-based and intelligent technologies. What JUMORE offers is an entirely new cross-border e-commerce platform that combines e-commerce, finance, supply chain and Industry 4.0.

JUMORE E-commerce, serving as a global Internet bridge linking providers of bulk commodities and industrial raw materials to the manufacturing sector, will promote the rapid development of bulk commodities cross-border e-commerce, fuel the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing sector and accelerate progress towards the twin goals of "Made in China 2025" and "Industry 4.0". JUMORE, with its comprehensive and quality services, is on track to reduce the cost borne by Chinese manufacturing firms for the international procurement of materials by consolidating the commodities procurement and purchasing process onto a single platform. The company will also bring more made-in-China products to international markets by closely cooperating with leading Chinese manufacturers, as part of an effort to improve the stature and positioning of made-in-China commodities worldwide. In addition, JUMORE, through the cross-border e-commerce platform, will strengthen its cooperation with companies from all over the world in terms of logistics, finance, technology and e-commerce, and share the benefits of developments and advances in China with other countries.

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