Junami - A Treasured New Apple Arrives in Select U.S. Markets in January

Jan 20, 2012, 16:20 ET from Rainier Fruit Company

SELAH, Wash., Jan. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Rainier Fruit Company, one of the largest growers of fresh apples in the United States, is excited to announce the availability of a new apple variety called Junami in January 2012. The Junami apples are available beginning in January for three to four weeks or while supplies last in select U.S. markets. 

While harvested in fall like other apples, Junami are made available in January for a variety of reasons including flavor and marketability. One of the qualities of Junami apples is the capacity to build flavor while in storage much like the Lady Alice apples coming in February. 

"We have the flexibility to store them and release them later in the season when many regional, lower-volume varieties have been sold," said Suzanne Wolter, director of marketing for Rainier.

The Junami is best described as having a special crisp, fruity character and is a real thirst quencher with its invigorating flavor. It is especially popular with young adults, or those who love delicious, juicy apples. The flavor is slightly perfumed, with a nice balance of a fresh, tangy taste and crispy bite. It's beautifully round with eye-catching red color. 

According to Wolter, "We know that young consumers especially like Junami apples because of the apple's juiciness, crisp texture and well balanced taste. The Junami is a variety that offers the best characteristics of several apples and combines them into one. It has been very popular in Europe and we expect it to be a major variety in the United States in the next few years." 

The Junami variety originated in Switzerland. It's a cross between Idared, Maigold and Elstar apple varieties, uniting the best characteristics of each in this new fruity thirst quencher. Junami is also known for its excellent keeping qualities. Junami apples will be available in a greater number of select grocery stores across the country in the years to come.

Until just recently, Junami apples were only grown in northwestern Europe under stringent and controlled conditions. To guarantee a perfect taste and optimum quality, Junami are only cultivated in the very best regions, like those in Eastern Washington. Continuous quality monitoring ensures a flawless and authentic brand apple.

Rainier Fruit Company is the exclusive North American grower/shipper of Junami apples. Junami is available at select locations throughout the United States. While supplies last, consumers can find a store nearest to them by visiting Rainier Fruit's website at www.rainierfruit.com.

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