Junto Health Announces a Unique Partnership with Sachs Policy Group

Creating an Environment where Health Care Technology Innovation Meets Public Policy Analysis

Jul 27, 2015, 08:00 ET from Junto Health

NEW YORK, July 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Junto Health, a company that helps major health care organizations and startups share information and develop new technology solutions, today announced the launch of a partnership with The Sachs Policy Group (SPG), a leader in health care policy consulting. Working together with SPG, Junto Health's members will now engage in a collaborative innovation process while, at the same time, they are also guided through the latest trends in public policy, health care finance and the delivery of health care services.  

The new partnership is based on a core belief of both companies: to address some of the knottiest problems in the health care ecosystem, companies now need to align developing technologies with the trends in health care policy, finance and service delivery that will transform the world of health care in the years to come.

Formerly known as the Blueprint Health Collective, Junto Health is an invite-only initiative with current members accounting for over $700 billion in revenue and representing over 600,000 physicians. At Junto Health, large member institutions from across the health care and technology industries gather into small groups to define their common needs and common goals. Once those goals are established, Junto Health acts as a technology scout to find startups that can provide solutions for the member groups. Or, as an alternative, Junto Health helps the members co-develop solutions among themselves.

As a result of the new partnership with SPG, members participating in Junto Health's collaborative innovation process will now also be guided through an analysis of relevant macro trends by SPG, a consulting firm that advises health care leaders on the direction health care is going. SPG employs experts with an in-depth understanding of how government works and how changes in legislation, regulation, health care finance and health care delivery affect players in the health care arena.

The partnership of Junto Health and SPG comes at a time of dramatic transformation in healthcare: rapid changes in technology, economics, laws and regulations together are altering payment models, the ways major institutions function and the ways medicine is practiced. As a result, innovations informed by the macro trends in public policy, finance and service delivery are becoming critical to the future of organizations across the industry.

Doug Hayes, the CEO of Junto Health, said: "With the launch of this partnership, Junto Health is now better positioned to continue our mission: bridging the silos between technologists, providers, policymakers, and funders."

"Building meaningful health care technology in 2015 is significantly harder than it was only five years ago," Mr. Hayes added. "Both small entrepreneurs and large companies now need to know the changing business environment their customers will inhabit. They cannot sell only to meet today's challenges. They must also sell to meet tomorrow's realities."

"Executives in the C-Suite will either find the solutions to transform their own business models, or they will go the way of Blockbuster," said Jeffrey A. Sachs, the Chairman of Junto Health and Founder and CEO of SPG. "Junto's mission is to help organizations find or develop new ways to navigate the waves of disruptive technologies that are challenging the status quo."

"Over the past three decades SPG has helped our clients succeed in the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape," Dr. Sachs added. "But never before have the worlds of payment innovation and technology innovation been so interconnected."

More about Junto Health:

Junto Health was originally conceived at Blueprint Health, a health tech accelerator and co-working space in NYC and one of Fast Company's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World in 2014. Its original name was The Blueprint Health Collective. Now that it has been launched as an independent company, Junto Health works in partnership with SPG and Blueprint Health remains as an investor.

Junto Health is a consortium of member organizations who have chosen to work together to solve health care's most complex challenges. Junto Members represent a diverse network of providers, technologists, policymakers, corporations, investors, and entrepreneurs. These members meet regularly and work in small teams to develop and diffuse market-driven solutions to health care's common obstacles.

Combining startup DNA with strategic policy perspective, Junto Health is the knowledge infrastructure now required to lead our health care system into the future.

Current Junto Health members include The Mount Sinai Hospital, North Shore LIJ, Montefiore Medical Center, The New York-Presbyterian Innovation Center, EmblemHealth, Samsung, Philips, HP AstraZeneca, Aetna, Healthware International, Allied Physicians Group, Boehringer Ingelheim, CarePoint Health System, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

For more information on Junto Health, please visit www.juntohealth.org

More about SPG:

SPG is a consulting firm that advises health care leaders on the direction health care is heading in the states and across the nation. SPG also provides its clients with unique, personalized strategies to achieve success, such as finding funding opportunities or developing business strategies and partnerships. SPG is not a lobbying firm.

SPG's clients include major hospitals and health systems, technology companies, long-term care organizations, human service agencies, labor unions, behavioral health organizations and health plans, among others. In its partnership with Junto Health, SPG provides Junto Health members with guidance on relevant trends in health care policy, health care finance and the delivery of health care services. But Junto Health members are not necessarily clients of SPG nor are Juno Health members afforded the full range of services SPG provides to its clients.

For more information on SPG, please visit http://sachspolicy.com/.



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