Juriba Launches New Enterprise Windows 7 Desktop Transformation Project Planning & Deployment Software Product

Oct 12, 2011, 11:47 ET from Juriba

HARTLEY, England, October 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

- New product will take the effort out of enterprise Windows 7 migration programmes, reducing the deployment time witnessed in recent desktop migration history -

Software migration expert, Juriba Limited http://www.juriba.com today launches its Enterprise Windows 7 Planning & Deployment Software - Juriba Dashworks - that will help large enterprise scale organisations to accelerate and improve the accuracy of a major desktop transformation project programme - such as the current Windows 7 migration requirement - whilst reducing risk and cost by up to 15%.

Research organisation Gartner estimates that there are 300 million enterprise desktops that still need to be transitioned from Windows XP to Windows 7 before Microsoft drops support in 2014 - less than 1,000 days. It goes on to predict the cost of migration to be between $1000 and $1900 per device.

And while some may find this excessive, it is in fact less than the cost incurred by one major financial institution during the NT to XP migration seven years ago. According to Barry Angell, Chief Technology Officer at Juriba, "The actual cost in recent desktop migration history was $2,200 per device and that did not include any hardware spend."

In a recent business case however, a major financial organisation produced a return on investment that saved 15% of project cost through using Juriba Dashworks, when compared to relying on the traditional route of spreadsheets and extensive resource.  When it is considered that this particular Windows 7 deployment had a budget running into tens of millions of dollars, this saving was highly significant, and is readily repeatable.

Angell continues, "With limited budget and a fast shrinking team, the last thing the CIO or IT Director of a large organisation really wants to deal with is a major desktop transformation project. Desktop migration history shows that changing the software on the lap & desktops of thousands of employees, the vast majority of whom cannot function or generate revenue without them, is a task measured in years that few are likely to consider with relish. But with Microsoft removing support for Windows XP in 2014, planning for a desktop transformation project is becoming an increasingly important consideration."

Software features

Using advanced data warehousing, user-centric profiling, business intelligence and project scheduling techniques, Juriba's Dashworks can be summarised as:

  • Out-of-the-box data warehousing - providing fast, agent-less, accurate business aligned user-centric and organisational ICT desktop and laptop profiling
  • Analytics & Rationalisation - acceleration of organisational Windows 7 migration compatibility analysis and software asset rationalisation to accelerate project quick wins in comparison to recent desktop migration history
  • Project deployment readiness - provides a single version of project truth for clear scheduling of end-to-end Windows 7 migration management.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in London, with employees spread across the UK. Over the last three years, Juriba has implemented and developed its Dashworks desktop transformation software solution for over 500,000 end users in countries worldwide, including the UK and USA.

Pricing and availability

The product is launched with immediate availability. Pricing is based upon market prices of desktop migration history and the number of thousands of users being managed and is typically in the range of £5-£10 per user per annum.


About Juriba Limited

Headquartered in London, Juriba is a global developer of business intelligence solutions designed to revolutionise the management of an enterprise desktop transformation project such as Windows 7 migration and desktop virtualisation.  

Its flagship product, Dashworks enables organisations to accelerate desktop transformation projects through agent-less, user-centric compatibility analysis, and dynamic, multi-phased project delivery management.

Using advanced data warehousing techniques, Dashworks enables project managers to quickly build a data driven view of the organisation's users, computers and applications.  Layered business driven feeds provide enhanced analytics and compatibility analysis, accelerating the project planning phase and identifying the quick migration wins.  Project delivery is accelerated by building a single version of the truth, utilising a project scheduling module to dynamically manage asset migration readiness and deployment.  

In recent desktop migration history, Juriba has implemented Dashworks for over 500,000 end users across the globe, actively managing the desktop transformation of 200,000 to Windows 7 in 2011.

Customers who have performed a Windows 7 migration include some of the largest organisations in the world such as JPMorganChase and Fujitsu.

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