Just in Time for the CEA Line Show, a Solution for Wet Cell Phones Emerges.

DRY-ALLs new product Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit hits markets worldwide with a solution to a very common problem.

Jun 21, 2010, 07:55 ET from HPL, LLC.

GILBERT, Ariz., June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Cell phones are vulnerable to permanent damage if they get wet; the cell phone will ultimately have to be replaced as water damage to the electronics render the phone permanently damaged. New technology has been created to save cell phones and the cell phone data after they get wet.

Typically, cell phone insurance covers phones that are lost, stolen or accidentally damaged. Most cell phone insurance does not cover water damage. Policies which do cover water damage require $39 to $199 for a replacement cell phone.

Replacing a wet cell phone can be quite expensive especially if you have a smart phone or iPhone which can cost anywhere from $300 to $800.

The new technology from DRY-ALL dries cell phones without using heat. The inner circuitry of a cell phone is extremely delicate and held together by tiny solder points. A source of heat on your phone directly melts these tiny solder points causing damage to the inner workings of a cell phone. Melting the internal solder on your phone could cause the wiring to come loose and the phone will have damage that cannot be repaired easily, inexpensively, or sometimes at all.

Some home remedies call for placing a wet cell phone in rice. After 48 hours of testing with rice in a sealed container, the phone still had water droplets inside. Rice itself does not have a high absorption rate of moisture,  it absorbs moisture and becomes sticky when cooked due to the rapid heating of the starch itself, but when rice sits sealed with a wet cell phone  at room temperature it does not pull moisture out of the circuitry of the soaked phone. In most situations this home remedy can cause irreparable damage to your phone by allowing the water to sit inside your phone for too long before it dries on its own. This solution again results in replacing the phone and all information such as contacts, emails, music, and applications.

DRY-ALLs technology is available in the form of a product that absorbs all of the moisture in the phone quickly, allowing the phone to continue working as normal without losing your contacts, applications, pictures, or music. The company specializes in moisture removal.

DRY-ALL, has been providing moisture removal technology for specialized military applications for years. The technology has been used for military equipment, NASA, hearing aids, gun safes, and now small electronics.

This product dries all types of cell phones including smart phones and iPhones that have been exposed to any type of moisture. DRY-ALL president Sean Gutierrez works hard to ensure that they only produce quality products. "We believe people deserve a professional product that actually does what it says it is going to do. Here at DRY-ALL we take pride in making a product that works."

DRY-ALLs drying agent absorbs all of the moisture out of a wet cell phone in a short 48 hour period. Their testing involved submerging cell phones in water ranging from 30 seconds to 4.5 minutes. Their tests revealed cell phones soaked in water and other liquids for 30 seconds had a 100% success rate when dried in their product. "The Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit has an unbeatable success rate. We have also saved iPods, Nintendo DSs, and PSPs," says Aime Gutierrez who is in charge of sales and marketing for DRY-ALL. "Water and electronics do not mix yet they somehow always end up together in a potentially deadly situation for your personal electronics. This makes our product something that everyone will need at some point." They have created this product that is now available for purchase; it is called the Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit. Their website is www.dry-all.com

HPL, LLC. headquartered in Gilbert AZ, manufactures high quality indicating  dehumidifiers. Their product was originally used to protect moisture sensitive military equipment.  It has been used to keep gun safes dry and for daily moisture removal for hearing aids. It is now used for drying wet cell phones, wet iPods, and other electronic items.