justAd Introduces eyeMagnet : Transform Static Ads to Animated Ads Automatically

First fully automated rich media campaign platform

Apr 05, 2016, 10:00 ET from justAd

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

justAd, the rich media company, has announced its newest product, eyeMagnet, which offers an automated, fully scalable solution to transform existing banner ads into engaging ad units, on the fly. By automating all the steps in the way of rich media creation, justAd enables the creation of rich media campaigns easily, without requiring developers, graphic designers or operations professional.

Targeted to companies that require thousands of ads to get a single user click, and to branding agencies requiring a simply, streamlined way to animate video and display ads, eyeMagnet provides dynamic, eye-catching effects that attract users to respond.

eyeMagnets' key benefits:

  • Animates the creatives you already have
  • Auto-starts video across  all screens
  • Carousels and Galleries to monetize each impression with multiple offers

"Rich media is great for large brands with budgets and expertise. Because of that rich media is only used sporadically" said Yariv Erel Co-Founder & CEO. "EyeMagnet allows getting results with no need to bombard the users with thousands of ads to get a single click".

About justAd 

justAd is a powerhouse for mobile rich media solutions. We serve, in high scale, global leaders in ad tech. Starting from the large media and creative agencies to technical driven DSPs and Networks and dominated sale-driven publishers. Each segment is offered a part of our ensemble of technologies all focused on the creative aspect.

To see how eyeMagnet works, please watch our video or visit our site.

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