K Kit Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo in Preparation for Launch on U.S. Market

Feb 19, 2016, 11:00 ET from Hangzhou Konke Information and Technology Co., Ltd.

HANGZHOU, China, Feb. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Konke Information Technology (Konke), a startup from Hangzhou, China, has launched its first overseas crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for K Kit, the smallest smart home system in the world, ahead of its imminent launch in the U.S. The landing of K Kit soon shoots into a boost among US market and reaches over $50,000 within 24 hours.

The debut of K Kit has redefined the current smart home system market. K Kit fuses multi-functionality into unbelievable tiny modules. It allows people to control home appliances remotely by mobile app through a multifunctional hub and six modules with different functions. K Kit helps people enjoy the ultimate smart home experience.

Established on 2010, Konke has successfully built a good reputation by releasing a series of price-friendly smart sockets. In February 2014, the company's first generation of smart plugs landed on the biggest crowdfunding platform in Greater China and broke several records by raising RMB1.71 million (USD$265,000in just a month. In April 2015, the crowdfunding project for the third generation of smart plugs raised over RMB21 million (USD$323,000) in sales from 348,000 contributors.

All Konke smart sockets include, but are not limited to, functions of timing & task delay and remote control, which meet the initial needs of consumers to easily control home appliances for a better living environment. Some specific functions such as Wifi enhancement and infrared studying also solve persistent modern lifestyle issues for many people.

Currently, the Konke team is working hard on creating an all-round smart home system with a series of products such as smart sockets, powerline adapters, intelligent humidifiers and more.

The new product, K Kit, provides easy access for the general public to run their home as they like without any renovations. The Temperature & Humidity sensor can give a 24-hour, real-time report of the indoor ecosystem and the modules allow customers to set various scenes according to different lifestyles, while enabling linkage control of home appliances through Infrared/Radio Frequency Remote Control.

For example, a user could decide that if the temperature exceeded 30°C (86°F), the A/C will be turned on by the Hub via Infrared Remote Control; if humidity is lower than 45% RH, the humidifier will turn on; if the humidity is higher than 60% RH, the humidifier will automatically turn off and the A/C will be adjusted to dehumidifying mode in order to avoid discomfort caused by excessive humidity.

K Kit also promptly reports any small changes in the house. All users need to do is plug in the modules and tap on the screen. As K Kit is not a fixed-function product, but a product that allows users to show their creativity and life attitude, the settings of the modules can be adjusted and customized for individual requirements.

"Konke is committed to product innovation and user experience enhancement," said Johnnie Lin, Konke co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. "The world's fastest growing technology industry is in the U.S. where our future market will be. We are now positively cooperating with teams on a global scale and building a positive and professional team to provide the qualified localization and support that is essential to us now."

The idea of K Kit came from a smart home experience at a technology exhibition two years ago. The Konke team hopes to bring the ultimate smart home experience to every family, even those whose homes have been renovated already.

Two years of relentless hard work, dozens of prototypes and countless software iterations later, the Konke team has finally turned their dream into a reality. Based on the drive to improve the living environment of ordinary families and thorough research rooted in customer behavior, K Kit was created and was a delightful success in its first show across the Atlantic. The positive assessment from the US market has demonstrated people's yearning for a new intelligent life. It is expected that K Kit will continue its good trend on the crowdfunding campaign.

For more information on the Konke K Kit, visit http://igg.me/at/K-Kit/x/13188033 or https://youtu.be/X82wye0pq0c

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