Kabbalah Centre Announces Superstorm Sandy Response Plan

Centre to Contribute $100,000 to American Red Cross' Disaster Relief Services in New York and New Jersey; Centre's Volunteers Quickly Mobilize to Support Victims; Centre to Collect Blankets, Clothing, Shoes and Canned Goods That Will be Delivered to Local Organizations

Nov 19, 2012, 16:16 ET from New York Kabbalah Centre

NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The New York Kabbalah Centre announced today that it will donate $100,000 to support American Red Cross' disaster relief services for victims of Superstorm Sandy in New York and New Jersey as part of the Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes program.  The Centre's volunteer department is collecting blankets, warm winter clothing, shoes and canned goods that will then be distributed to local organizations.  To help support the long-term recovery efforts of Superstorm Sandy and other disasters, students of the New York Kabbalah Centre are committed to taking part in disaster training with the American Red Cross. The training will empower volunteers with the skills necessary to take part in future relief efforts on-the-ground in New York, New Jersey and other regions.

"One of the most important kabbalistic teachings we study at the Centre is giving back and sharing with the broader community," said Michael Berg, co-director of the Kabbalah Centre.  "The storm that swept through the Atlantic destroyed communities and will impact victims for years to come.  Our students have learned the value of helping those in need and have a long history of volunteering to help improve the lives of others.  The victims of Superstorm Sandy can use our help and we are proud of the speed in which our volunteer department has swung into action to do everything possible to help victims of this powerful storm get back on their feet again."

The New York Kabbalah Centre is represented by a diverse community of more than one thousand people.  The Centre teaches spiritual tools based on kabbalistic principles that people can study and then apply as they see fit to make better decisions that not only benefit themselves but at the same time help make the world better. The learning and application of the tools is what can create the positive difference in each person's life journey as they connect with other like-minded students at the Centre. 

Kabbalah Centre teaches that sharing is one of the most effective ways to achieve personal fulfillment in life.  Students learn to get out of their comfort zone and to treat others with human dignity.  In the spirit of Kabbalistic principles that emphasize participating in actions that benefit the greater community, the Centre has a volunteer program so that students can go outside of themselves and share.  In order to facilitate this, the Centre partners with outside organizations and is involved in charitable initiatives.  Every year, hundreds of student volunteers organize community-level projects such as feeding the homeless, cleaning beaches and visiting hospital patients, which is why Kabbalah Centre volunteers are always ready to mobilize quickly as they are doing with  Superstorm Sandy.  Kabbalah Centre volunteers have already worked together and an infrastructure is in place, leaving volunteers feeling empowered to help those in need.

Students interested in making in-kind donations are encouraged to bring items to the New York Kabbalah Centre and those interested in making a financial donation can do so online at www.kabbalah.com/donate.   

For more information, visit www.kabbalah.com.

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The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that makes the principles of Kabbalah understandable and relevant to everyday life. Kabbalah Centre teachers provide students with spiritual tools based on kabbalistic principles that students can then apply as they see fit to improve their own lives and by doing so, make the world better.  The Centre was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 and now spans the globe with locations in more than 40 cities as well as an extensive online presence. To learn more, visit www.kabbalah.com.


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