Kalisto Events Launches Free Social Media and Club Management Platform

Dec 16, 2015, 04:00 ET from Kalisto Events

HORST, The Netherlands, December 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

New platform lets athletes, clubs, teams, families, schools, and trainers interact and schedule events in a safe online environment 

Kalisto Events has announced the launch of a unique online environment where athletes and hobbyists can socialize with their friends and peers. Clubs, teams, schools, and trainers can connect with their members or pupils to organize practices and other activities. Practices and other important calendar items are automatically added to the participants' personal calendars, while other items can be added manually. All profiles and pages can be customized by adding one or more of the hundreds of sports and other supported activities or by uploading custom background images. All pages have their own content managing system and an optional menu bar that enables admins to enter additional information.

The new platform offers two special pages: the association page and the trainer/coach page. Clubs, schools, teams, and trainers can join an association, as long they are located in the same country. Trainers can use the trainer page to organize their practices, which are automatically added to their pupils' personal calendars.

January 2016, an events section will be rolled out. This new feature will support registration, event scheduling, and the publishing of results. There will be support for all kinds of events, including ladder and all-around competitions. Many sports have multiple disciplines, classes, ages/groups, and levels. Kalisto Events offers customized settings for each sport, which can differ per country. Additionally, offline event management is available for those occasions when internet access is not available at the site.

Kalisto Events recognizes the importance of privacy support. This is why the website provides comprehensive privacy settings and parental controls for use in schools and clubs with children. The privacy settings and other features are explained in concise videos on the website (http://www.kalisto.events/). Kalisto Events complies with both European and U.S. privacy legislation (including the U.S. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act - COPPA).

Contact details:
Company: Kalisto Events, Steeghs Media
Contact: Michel Steeghs
Address: Horst, the Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)77-398-0200
Website: http://www.kalisto.events/
E-mail: press@kalisto.events
More information: http://www.kalisto.events/press/

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