Kalliopeia Foundation Grants American Indian College Fund $80,000 for Scholarships and General Operating Support

Dec 07, 2010, 14:58 ET from American Indian College Fund

DENVER, Dec. 7, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Kalliopeia Foundation has announced it is granting the American Indian College Fund $80,000 over a period of two years, with $30,000 for scholarships each year plus $10,000 for operating support per year. A supporter of the Fund since 2004, the foundation has focused on providing scholarships for tribal college students pursuing a teaching degree with the intent to serve as American Indian language instructors. 

Barbara Cushing, Director of Grantmaking for Kalliopeia Foundation, said, "We support American Indian College Fund's programs that support students pursuing a teaching degree with the intent to preserve Native language. Languages are the depositories for indigenous wisdom, and Native peoples can help us find solutions to the problems facing us through a more holistic approach to life. The preservation and revitalization of Native American languages is integral to that strategy."

Richard B. Williams, President and CEO of the American Indian College Fund, said, "We are delighted that The Kalliopeia Foundation is renewing its support to ensure the continuation of American Indian culture and language through education. The Kalliopeia Foundation is improving the lives of American Indian students and providing hope throughout Indian Country, and thereby enriching our nation."

About the Kalliopeia Foundation

The Kalliopeia Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation that contributes to the evolution of communities and cultures that honor the unity at the heart of life's rich diversity. Through its grantmaking it seeks to strengthen a collective recognition of the oneness of humanity.

About the American Indian College Fund

With its credo "Educating the Mind and Spirit," the Fund is the nation's largest provider of private scholarships for American Indian students, providing an average of 6,000 scholarships annually for students seeking to better their lives and communities through education.  The American Indian College Fund also supports the nation's 33 accredited tribal colleges and universities. For more information about American Indian College Fund please visit www.collegefund.org.

SOURCE American Indian College Fund