Keas Unveils Personalization Algorithm Upgrades to Health Hub

The health management leader unveils health benefits personalization engine and a mobile solution to reduce employer healthcare costs

May 27, 2015, 10:03 ET from Keas

SAN FRANCISCO, May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Keas, creators of Health Hub, the world's leading health management platform, today announced the SmartHealth Engine and Keas+, two upgrades designed to increase engagement, improve population health and reduce employer healthcare costs. Keas' SmartHealth Engine leverages aggregated health data within the Health Hub to personalize benefit and health program recommendations across diverse and dispersed populations, and seamlessly deliver these benefits to employees and their dependents within the new Keas+ application.

These upgrades address an urgent employer healthcare issue, as U.S. businesses spend more than $620B on employer-sponsored healthcare each year— a number expected to surpass $1T in the next five years, according to The Kaiser Family Foundation and Constellation Research. However, despite these figures, many health promoting and cost-lowering services remain unused due to benefits fragmentation and disjointed benefits delivery.

Savings of up to 70% of corporate healthcare costs can be achieved by promoting lower cost alternatives, preventing and managing chronic disease, and consolidating healthcare services to manage an increasingly fragmented and complex benefits ecosystem. Keas' SmartHealth Engine and Keas+ directly facilitate these three solutions to deliver significant healthcare cost savings for employers.

Keas Health Hub successfully registers an average of 51% of an eligible population and engages employees and their dependents an average of 14 times per month. Keas anticipates that these upgrades will elevate both enrollment and engagement experience. 

"As CFOs and CHROs have increasingly noticed, reducing employee health benefits costs doesn't require the addition of more benefits or services, but rather improved utilization of the dozen health programs employers currently have," said Josh Stevens, CEO, Keas. "With the SmartHealth Engine and Keas+, we've made it easier for HR and benefits teams to personalize the marketing of health benefits to multiple risk segments, seamlessly integrated to drive utilization of benefits that target improved health and reduced costs."

Health Hub Updates

Keas SmartHealth Engine is an intelligent rules-based recommendation engine for personalized benefits and wellbeing programs. Data from health screenings, demographics, eligibility, Keas utilization and third-party claims trigger recommendations for lower-cost benefits such as telemedicine and generic medications, and health programs such as diabetes prevention and smoking cessation programs. It delivers a custom program to plan members via the Keas+ interface, and is easily configured to generate targeted health programs based on each employer's defined requirements, real-time user behavior, demographic data and current corporate priorities. Users enjoy seamless access to these solutions via the newly updated mobile app and web interface Keas+.

Keas+ is a mobile-first solution that delivers benefits to the right employee at the right time. Designed for optimal engagement, Keas+ can be accessed via iPhone and Android devices, as well as web and tablet browsers. It is built to meet the needs of large employers, and is fully configurable to address each employer's unique brand and messaging requirements. The employee "face" of Health Hub, Keas+ offers a single point of contact for all benefits across physical, mental, and financial health. The application also offers Keas' award-winning content and programming for nutritional, physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing, including social networking, health quizzes, challenges, quests, health screenings, and ACA-compliant wellness incentives to create an engaging experience centered around total health.

About Keas

Keas is the market leader in health management. Leveraging evidence-based science in behavioral-economics, gamification, and health management, Keas maximizes engagement of health benefits via the Keas Health Hub, delivering an integrated and streamlined health benefits experience, while lowering risks and costs of claims, incentives, and administration. Keas guarantees employee engagement in health improvement. Fortune 500 employers including Pfizer, Safeway, Land O'Lakes, J.B. Hunt,, and Lincoln Financial rely on Keas to power their health management programs. Founded in 2008 by Adam Bosworth, Keas is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit