Keeeb Completes $1M Bridge Financing to Establish U.S. Market Entry of "Must Have" Enterprise Discovery Engine

Feb 22, 2016, 09:00 ET from Keeeb

NEW YORK, Feb. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Keeeb, the nextgen discovery and sharing engine for corporate enterprises, announced its expansion into the U.S. market this week. The company closed a $1M bridge financing led by prominent figures from the U.S. technology industry. Currently based in Hamburg, Germany, Keeeb will have its front office in New York. An A round is targeted for Spring 2016.

"There is a hole in today's enterprise knowledge management systems," says founder and CEO Konrad Gulla. "No one is addressing the discovery of early-stage knowledge like Keeeb. The Head of Content Lab for Publicis Munich says he 'can't imagine a working day without Keeeb.'"

Clients range from enterprise partners such as Microsoft and IBM to users like Deutsche Bahn and Deloitte. "As a global company with approximately 400,000 employees," says Tristan Reckhaus, IBM's Digital Cities Leader Europe, "Keeeb is the perfect tool to make our knowledge and information management more efficient."

Keeeb is a graduate of the German Accelerator, a quarterly program that brings German startups to the U.S.. James Kollegger, the co-founder and CEO of German Accelerator New York and CEO of Genesys Partners, brought Keeeb into Genesys' portfolio in 2015. He has been named Chairman of the Board of Directors of Keeeb, Inc.

"When I spotted them in the [German] Accelerator," says Kollegger, "I was blown away by the power of Keeeb's one-click curation. Keeeb automates the information needs of 1 billion knowledge workers – it's a bigger market than"

Kollegger recruited IBM's former Vice President for Internet Technology, Dr. John R. Patrick. Patrick led the investment round, joined Keeeb's Board of Directors, and was appointed Chairman of the Advisory Board.  

"This is Ray Ozzie's dream come true," says Patrick, referring to the legendary software pioneer and creator of Lotus Notes. "Keeeb is the first cloud-based solution I have seen in decades with this type of power and simplicity. It streamlines corporate workflow in such a way that knowledge can be made collaborative with significant jumps in productivity."

About Keeeb: 
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