Keep Your Little Ghosts & Goblins Safe from Ghouls this Halloween

Snap Secure's Comprehensive Mobile Security Suite Helps Families Stay Safe While Trick-or-Treating

Oct 24, 2012, 09:00 ET from Snap MyLife, Inc.

PRINCETON, N.J., Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Halloween can be a spooky good time for the entire family with haunted houses, creative costumes and tons of candy to make this "scary" holiday a scream. But, it's no surprise this devilish day can pose a real threat to your family's safety. Amid the fun, festivities and pumpkin carving, it's important to make sure everyone stays safe and accounted for as you hit the neighborhood for trick-or-treating, costume parties and other festivities.

Using mobile phones is one of the easiest ways to keep tabs on everyone and ensure safety for kids and adults alike. However, beyond just staying in touch via text message or phone call, using a mobile security app like Snap Secure can provide a much-needed extra layer of safety, security and peace of mind.

Snap Secure is the most comprehensive mobile security application on the market and provides round-the-clock protection for every member of the family. With tools like Family Locator, Panic Button, Geo-Fence, and call and text monitoring, Snap Secure can help you rest easy knowing your children are safe so you can truly enjoy the Halloween holiday.

Five Tips to Protect Your Family this Halloween

Snap Secure makes it simple and convenient to keep everyone safe this Halloween. Here are five ways to protect the entire family:

1.      Set trick-or-treat boundaries and keep track of your family's whereabouts. When sending your kids out into the neighborhood, make sure they understand how far they're permitted to go and when you expect them to return. With tools like the Snap Secure Geo-fence for Android, you can set a virtual boundary to define where your children should be. If they stray from that perimeter, or don't return to a specified location within a certain period of time, Snap Secure automatically sends you an email alert notification. For added peace of mind, the Snap Secure Family Locator lets you check in on their exact location at any time, in real-time, by using your own mobile device or web dashboard.

2.      Be ready to respond. Halloween can be a scary time with unnerving masks that conceal others' faces and the tendency for pranksters to want to play tricks on unsuspecting victims. It's easy for anyone to find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. An instant alert system like the Snap Secure Panic Button provides one-touch access on any smartphone for anyone to send an instant distress call via email, call, text or Twitter to let loved ones know that they feel threatened or could be in danger.

3.      Haunted by a lost phone? Worry no more. Whether you're out partying the night away or the kids are traversing the neighborhood in the hunt for candy, losing a phone is a real risk. In the event a phone mysteriously disappears amid the monster mayhem, the Snap Secure Phone Finder can easily locate the lost device, eliminating the hassle and cost of replacing the phone. If you discover the phone is missing, use Snap Secure to trigger an audible ping on the lost phone to help you find it quickly. And, if you really can't find it, use Snap Secure to remotely block access to, or wipe your data so that your information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

4.      Stop pranksters in their tracks. No one wants to wake up Nov. 1 to find out it was their kid who toilet-papered the neighbor's front lawn or smashed all their jack-o-lanterns. Maybe they weren't involved, but did their friends text them about it? With text and phone call monitoring, you can keep tabs on all your kids' mobile communication to make sure they keep it clean, age-appropriate and don't get caught up in a not-so-funny prank. With mobile security tools like Snap Secure, you can even blacklist certain numbers to keep menacing characters from even contacting your kids.

5.      Ensure fun and safety for the entire family. Kids aren't the only ones who love dressing up and going out for Halloween—it's a fun holiday for all ages. In addition to young trick-or-treaters, make sure everyone in the family stays safe and secure. Choose a mobile security plan that covers multiple users at a price that won't leave you scared stiff. For example, Snap Secure protects up to five family members on a single plan to keep everyone safe. With the money you save, you could spring for more candy or a better costume next year.

So there you have it: top five tips for staying safe this Halloween with Snap Secure. As you gear up for a ghoulish good time this Halloween, remember to put family safety first with Snap Secure. For more information, visit

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