Keeping Collaborize Classroom Free via Crowdfunding

Education Platform Seeks Indiegogo Support for Teachers and Students

May 22, 2013, 07:12 ET from Democrasoft, Inc.

SANTA ROSA, Calif., May 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Collaborize® today announced an Indiegogo campaign to keep Collaborize Classroom cost-free and free of advertising for what has already topped 47,000 teachers and hundreds of thousands of students around the world.

Since its official launch in January of 2011, Collaborize Classroom® has gained recognition and high marks from teachers, students, the education industry and technologists. The educational blended-learning platform has received 5 awards, hundreds of positive testimonials and has delivered over 2.7 million individual topic-based lessons to students around the world via the Collaborize Classroom platform.

This unique platform, which increases student engagement, has always been completely free-of-charge to teachers and students everywhere; however, to keep the platform free-to-use and free-of-advertising, the company is implementing a public "sponsorship" program through that will make it possible to continue to offer the basic version of the platform to educators around the world for free, forever. The Collaborize Classroom Indiegogo website is:

Collaborize Classroom is raising funds to continue its "cost and advertising free" service by using the same model that has worked for public television and national public radio - periodic public sponsorship drives, until revenues from associated Collaborize products can make Collaborize Classroom self-sufficient. Indiegogo funders can sponsor a Collaborize Classroom, teacher and students, for an entire year for as little as $12. There is also the opportunity to sponsor an entire school or district with larger contributions.

"Collaborize Classroom has quickly become part of a worldwide effort to adapt education to the 21st century needs of students everywhere," says Richard Lang, CEO of Democrasoft, the creator of Collaborize Classroom. "Our global Collaborize Topic Library is a game-changer in how teachers around the world can level the playing field by bringing every teacher up to the highest level. But to do this, we need to keep Collaborize Classroom going and growing, without advertising and at no cost to teachers or students."

According to Lang, "It's not often that something comes along that really works. We are motivated by more than a need to provide profits to venture capitalists. We've invested our own money to create and support this platform thus far. Now we're asking our community and anyone who cares about quality education to support our efforts - to keep watering our plant until it's strong and self-sufficient."

The Collaborize Classroom Indiegogo website is:

For more information about Collaborize Classroom, or to schedule an interview with Democrasoft senior management, please contact Mark Kithcart at: or call 888-993-8683 x 706.

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