Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil Debuts at Natural Products Expo East 2010

Oct 14, 2010, 10:00 ET from Beneficial Blends Kelapo

BOSTON, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- A new healthier way to cook with Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil is being demonstrated at Natural Products Expo East, October 14-16 at The Boston Exposition and Convention Center, Booth #1049. An exciting recent arrival on the cooking scene, extra virgin coconut oil is an ideal healthy alternative to butter and traditional oils used for cooking, baking and sauteing.  

Versatile in the Kitchen — A Flavorful Alternative to Butter

Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil is great for cooking, baking and sauteing, and can be used anywhere in place of butter.  Every part of the coconut lends itself to practical use, making it one of nature's most versatile fruits.  Used for centuries by the indigenous people of the South Pacific, the truth about coconut oil is now being discovered by the rest of the world. But it's not just the health benefits.  The unique flavors of Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil add a wonderfully enhanced taste that can turn any ordinary meal into a truly indulgent experience.  

The all-natural oil derived from fresh coconuts and Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil can be used in a wide variety of applications:

Cooking:  Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil is recommended for use wherever butter would normally be used.  Toast, bread, potatoes and popcorn are popular examples.  To maintain a smooth, spreadable consistency, coconut oil should be stored without refrigeration (e.g., in a pantry).

Baking:  Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil can be used as a substitute in any recipe that calls for butter, vegetables oils or other hydrogenated oils that contain trans fat.  A recommended use is to warm the coconut oil until it reaches a liquid state.  Then measure out the amount called for by the recipe using a 1 to 1 ratio.  It can also be used as a substitute for non-stick oil-based sprays when preparing cookie sheets or cupcake tins, while providing a little extra coconut flavor.

Sauteing:  Vegetables can be sauteed by placing a tablespoon of Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil in a sauce pan on low heat before adding the other ingredients. If preferred, heating the coconut oil for a longer amount of time before adding the vegetables will slightly lessen the coconut taste.

Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

In addition to its versatility, many consider coconut oil for its potential health benefits. Virgin coconut oil is comprised of medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs — the "proprietary secrets" of plant based saturated fats.  The most recognizable of all the MCTs is lauric acid.  Besides virgin coconut oil, lauric acid is found in breast milk. Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, lauric acid and other MCTs that may help support a healthy immune system, metabolism, digestive system and brain function.

Fair Trade, 100% Natural and Certified Organic

Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% natural, cold-pressed, unrefined, and certified organic. "We harvest our coconuts from the lush, tropical island of Sri Lanka. Our Fair Trade farmers collect the fruit at its peak ripeness and extract the extra virgin coconut oil through a cold expeller press. This process results in the best-tasting coconut oil, without refinement," says Erin Meagher, founder and 'Chief Coconut' of Kelapo™.    

"Our Fair Trade policy makes us unique among other producers of coconut oil.  We believe it is our duty and responsibility to support the farmers and laborers who are working hard to harvest these special fruits of the coconut trees," says Meagher.  "Our social responsibility starts with the Fair Trade premiums we pay to help the communities where we source our coconut oil.  Our commitment also extends to organizations right here in the United States that focus on the health and fitness of children and families."

Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil, available in 15 oz. and 8 oz. sizes, can be purchased online at and  It will soon become available in health food stores and natural products marketplaces across the country.

For more information on the secret wonders of coconut oil, please visit or call 800-230-5952 or 813-887-3030. You can also follow Kelapo™ on Twitter (@kelapo_coconut) and Facebook (

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