Kellogg Garden Products Introduces Two New Organic, Water Conserving Planting Mix Products Perfect for Western U.S. Landscapes

Mar 10, 2016, 12:45 ET from Kellogg Garden Products

CARSON, Calif., March 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Kellogg Garden Products introduces two new water conserving soil products that are specifically designed for plants that need less water. Due to the record-setting drought, California homeowners are facing a difficult landscaping decision: lawn or no lawn? Many are choosing artificial turf or "rock-scapes," while others want to keep a plant-based, green landscape; which still supports life. Those homeowners are choosing to incorporate a variety of native plants, which use less water than a lawn, in their landscape designs.

As homeowners venture into their local independent garden center or home center to purchase native plants, many aren't sure which type of soil to plant them in.  Proper soil is important for successful, thriving landscapes and Kellogg Garden Products leads the way once again with product innovation based on organic principles. Kellogg Garden Products launched the first organic soil solution for raised bed gardens – Kellogg Garden Organics Raised Bed & Potting Mix – in 2014 and now Kellogg Garden Products introduces two new organic soils specifically designed to make gardening with native plants easy for everyone.

Native Smart launches in the California market in January 2016 under the Kellogg Garden Organics brand. Native Smart is found in select Home Depot and Lowe's home centers. Kellogg Garden Products' Native Planting Mix launches under the G&B Organics brand and is available in select independent nurseries.  Rob Hudiburg, President of Kellogg Garden Products said, "It's important we make gardening easy – whether consumers are new to gardening or they are master gardeners, providing them with a solution that helps them be successful with their gardening project is important in everything we do."

Both Kellogg Garden Organics' Native Smart and G&B Organics' Native Planting Mix provide the perfect balance between moisture retention and drainage – the difference between under- and over-watering plants. Packaged in 1.5 cubic foot bags, the products are created with natural and organic ingredients and can easily be mixed with native soil, used as soil replacement for in-ground applications, or as a stand-alone product for container gardens.

Four years of drought in California has caused hardening, or compaction, in much of the regions' soil. This prevents water and nutrients from easily reaching plants' root systems. Since the region has a lot of clay soil to begin with – already a challenge for some plants - Kellogg Garden Organics' Native Smart and G&B Organics' Native Planting Mix are solutions that not only provide plants easier access to water, but also the healthy organic material needed by nutrient depleted soil. Gardeners in the area have had to explore creative landscape options using native plants in order to preserve green landscapes as well as the joy of spending time outdoors "working in the yard." Kellogg Garden Organics' Native Smart and G&B Organics' Native Planting Mix provide gardeners a simple, innovative tool to help make the transition easier.

About Kellogg Garden Products

Founded in 1925 by H. Clay Kellogg, Kellogg Supply, Inc. has been manufacturing gardening products for 90 years.  The company's core business of organic soils and fertilizers is consolidated under the Kellogg Garden Products division.  That core business is now complemented by other divisions that include Orcon, Organic Labs, and H&I Agritech.  The focus of Orcon, also based in Southern California, is on providing repellants and live beneficial insects.  Organic Labs, based in Florida, is focused on organic or naturally derived pesticides, fungicides, & liquid fertilizers.  H&I Agritech, based in New York is in the business of environmentally safe, broad spectrum foliar fungicides.    

The company remains owned and operated by third-generation members of the Kellogg family who maintain their grandfather's steadfast commitment to helping people grow beautiful, healthy gardens organically.

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