Ken Lanci Announces Candidacy for Cuyahoga County Executive

Jan 13, 2010, 15:34 ET from Citizens for Ken Lanci

CLEVELAND, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Ken Lanci, a successful businessman with proven track record for innovative management and a flair for job creation, formally announced his candidacy Wednesday for Cuyahoga County Executive.

Lanci, 59, is a successful businessman whose career began when he rescued his family's struggling printing business. Today, he is chairman and CEO of the Consolidated Graphics Group, a fast-growing business with a 150 employees and $6 million payroll.  

He has successfully resuscitated dozens of failing businesses, saving and creating hundreds of jobs.

"My number one priority as County Executive will be jobs," Lanci pledged.  

"I will be the chief economic development officer for Cuyahoga County -- creating jobs, retaining jobs and making Cuyahoga County job-friendly once again," Lanci said.

"It is through economic growth and job growth that we begin to solve our community's problems," he added.

Lanci then cited his private sector experience.

"For 40 years, I have been in the turnaround business," Lanci said. "I have helped dozens of companies, saved hundreds of jobs, and put millions of dollars back into the local economy.

"That is my specialty -- turning failure into success," Lanci said.

He said a major key to developing a solid business plan for Cuyahoga County government is an independent performance audit.

That audit would compare the Cuyahoga County government to peers in Ohio. It would pinpoint waste, recommend best practices, and save millions of dollars.

"I strongly encourage our hard-working and very capable County Government Transition Team to initiate that audit immediately.

"But, if they don't, I'll do it the first day on the job," Lanci said troubled by comments that some county agency heads might be attempting to reclassify their patronage workers to civil service positions to protect their jobs through the transition.  

"I urge the transition team to help make sure no actions are taken that limit our opportunities to re-make government in this new era," Lanci said.

Lanci has submitted a Freedom of Information request to the county seeking certain personnel records.

Lanci said his campaign will have new financing rules.  

He pledged to not accept money from Political Action Committees and limit individual contributions to $250.

"I will not be beholden to anyone but the people of this county," Lanci said.

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SOURCE Citizens for Ken Lanci