Kenactiv Innovations Inc. Brings Professional Strength, Environmentally Responsible Spill Response to Retail Market with FiberZorb™ Kenaf-based Sorbent

Feb 19, 2013, 12:47 ET from Kenactiv Innovations Inc.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- FiberZorb™, a kenaf-based sorbent for clean up of motor oil, solvents, paints, cooking oil, gasoline and other spills—previously available only to industrial customers—is now available for the retail market. Kenactiv Innovations' (OTCQB: OPHID) ("Kenactiv") new retail formulation of FiberZorb™ was recently determined in independent testing to be 15X more effective than the category leading clay-based sorbent. It was 1.5X more absorbent than a leading perlite-based brand and 4.4X more absorbent than a nationally available recycled natural fiber sorbent.


In side-by-side tests simulating typical residential and workplace spills such as motor oil on concrete and cooking oil in the kitchen, FiberZorb™ was determined to be the best at clearing the spills and restoring a safe walking surface to ceramic tile.  FiberZorb™ also cleans up faster and easier than clay-based products. Super absorbent kenaf locks spills within its porous and highly fissured particles, while with clay-based sorbents and kitty litter liquids adhere weakly to the outer surface of the clay particles and continue to drip during collection. 

"There is growing concern about accidental introduction of contaminants into our environment, and the impact of the products we use to remediate them," said Jack Galvin, EVP of Sales at Kenactiv. "That's why we are bringing FiberZorb™ to the retail market.  Home and business owners deserve access to the same tools industries use to deal with spills for health and safety reasons, as well as liability, but also for the health of their communities and the planet."

Kenactiv manufactures FiberZorb™ from U.S. farm-grown kenaf, a rapidly renewable crop that converts more CO2 per acre than tropical hardwoods. A 1999 U.S. Navy study found the core of the kenaf plant to be the most absorbent natural material on earth[1]. Nontoxic and biodegradable[2] FiberZorb™ offers consumers a highly effective and sustainable alternative to mineral based products, which are mined, or synthetic petroleum-based products. Although widely used, clay-based sorbents generally contain crystalline silica, recognized by the World Health Organization as an IARC Group 1 carcinogen, the same category as asbestos. Crystalline silica is a lung carcinogen and, if inhaled, can cause silicosis.

The EPA's National Water Quality Inventory ( reports that runoff from urbanized areas is the leading source of water quality impairments to surveyed estuaries and the third-largest source of impairments to surveyed lakes. Storm-water runoff, and improper remediation of household and commercial contaminant spills, carry pollutants such as oil, solvents, and household and lawn and garden chemicals directly to streams and rivers, where they negatively impact water quality.

FiberZorb™ for retail is sold in user-friendly 8 lb. packages for the home and small business consumer. Twenty lb. packages are available for larger institutional and commercial users. FiberZorb™ has earned the USDA BioPreferred designation and satisfies federal procurement requirements for bio-based products.

For wholesale information regarding FiberZorb™ for retail, contact Jack Galvin, or 1.888.999.6772.

For additional information about FiberZorb™ and responsible spill remediation, visit:

[1] Evaluation of Bio-based Industrial Products for Navy and DOD Use: Phase 1, Kenaf Absorbent, Naval Facility and Engineering Service Center, Port Hueneme, CA, 93043, March 1999.

[2] When disposing of sorbents after use, follow all federal, state and local guidelines pertaining to the substance absorbed.

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In addition to the FiberZorb™ and Organic Plant Health brands, Kenactiv produces natural fiber based products used in packaging, textiles, automotive parts, oil drilling, plastic composites, agriculture and environmental management. By replacing petroleum based products and other, less sustainable, natural products with Kenactiv's line of products derived from kenaf, manufacturers can greatly reduce their carbon footprint, reduce costs and improve the performance of their products. Kenaf is a rapidly renewable crop with an extremely favorable environmental footprint and applications in a broad range of industries. Kenactiv's innovative processes and technologies activate the tremendous power of kenaf to make many of the products the world relies on better while also reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing, distributing and disposing of them. The Company, headquartered in Scottsdale (AZ), was founded in 2008 in Snow Hill (NC) where it owns and operates a 160,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

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