Kick off summer with clean contacts: 5 tips from 1-800 CONTACTS on how to keep your contacts fresh and your eyes safe.

May 21, 2015, 09:30 ET from 1-800 CONTACTS

DRAPER, Utah, May 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Most contact lens wearers understand the importance of regularly cleaning their lenses, but a clean lens case is sometimes overlooked. "I always stress the importance of cleaning and replacing used lens cases when a patient pulls an old one out of their pocket to put their lenses in," says Dr. Clay Mattson, an optometrist from Kentucky. "When you don't follow the proper steps to clean a case it can become a breeding ground for bacteria, possibly transferring to your lenses and causing an infection."

The following steps will help keep your lenses fresh and your eyes healthy:

  1. After you put your contacts in, empty all solution from the case (never re-use solution).
  2. Rinse the case with clean contact lens solution and rub the inside with your clean fingers.
  3. Allow the case to air dry upside down without the caps on until you're ready to store the lenses again. If your case has silver nitrate lining, keep the caps on.
  4. An additional precaution is to put the contact lens case in the dishwasher occasionally to disinfect it. Alternatively, you can place the case in boiling water for five minutes to sterilize it.
  5. Replace your case every three months. (Check out 24 creative uses for your old contact lens cases.)

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