Kickstarter Launch for BubblePod - the Smartphone Accessory That Captures Perfect 360º Images

Jun 10, 2013, 09:00 ET from Dynamo Kickstarter PR

LONDON, June 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

BubblePix hopes to raise £30,000 funding for the BubblePod project

Today the BubblePod, a smartphone accessory that creates flawless 360º images in seconds, launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting at £15 for early backers, the BubblePod captures the entire scene around you with perfect high-res 360º media.

The BubblePod is a stylish clockwork turntable that grips and rotates your smartphone, whilst the accompanying free BubblePix App uses your smartphone's camera to capture your 360º photograph. Tom Lawton, Inventor of the BubblePod, explains: "When pictures appear in the traditional rectangle frame, it only tells half the story. But 360º imaging is a very honest form of media, and nothing can hide from the Bubble!."

The BubblePod's lightweight, portable design provides an exciting way to capture the world around you - whether you're out with friends, photographing a property for potential buyers, or travelling around the world. The BubblePod's base even features a wine bottle insert mount - perfect for 'round the dinner table' moments - and the app can record an audio clip to totally capture the atmosphere of a scene.

"When stitching apps try to create panoramic photos," explains Pete Corke, Head of Business at BubblePix, "they do so by merging together separate images as you pan across a scene. But it's impossible to keep your 'phone perfectly level as you move it, which creates an inherent variation in the final photo. The BubblePod keeps the rotation exactly level, and uses multiple high-resolution frames for perfect full 360º every time. We want to make it easy for people to have a high quality images without breaking the bank."

Compatible with the latest iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones, the smooth mechanical rotation results from one simple turn of the device. Its sleek, pocket-sized design allows you to never miss an opportunity. The photos or "Bubbles" can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The BubblePod can be used with the existing free BubblePix App. It's the same App that supports the BubbleScope, and is already available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry 10. This means that BubblePod backers will benefit from all the features already being used by BubbleScope customers by sharing the same existing app.

The BubblePod:

  • Universal silicon phone grip that securely holds a wide variety of smartphones
  • Mechanical clockwork rotation, no batteries and no noise
  • Records an audio clip with the Bubble
  • Simple wind up and one touch operation
  • Universal tripod mount in base, rubberized for maximum grip to surfaces
  • "Bubbles" captured can also record a scene for posterity, promotion or formal record; simply walk behind the smartphone as it spins to avoid being in the Bubble.

BubblePix App and Features:

  • The BubblePix app is free, and available to download on multiple devices linked to a single account
  • User accounts can store Bubbles privately or publicly
  • Bubbles can be instantly and easily shared to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, linked to your BubblePix account
  • Images can be exported as standard flat JPEG images for your photo library
  • Bubbles can be embedded in your website, along with the immersive web viewer, using the embed code feature
  • All Bubbles are geocoded, so you can create your own Google Streetview (perfect if you're a small business looking to up your Google search rankings)
  • BubblePix App can be downloaded to multiple devices but synched to a single user/company account

The BubblePod is expected to start shipping by September 2013. You can pre-order your BubblePod now on the Kickstarter page here.

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About BubblePix Ltd

BubblePix is a startup founded in 2011 by Tom Lawton and supporting business partners. The BubblePix team is made up from a core of best in class British technologists, designers, developers and engineers who are on a mission to produce high-fidelity mobile 360º imaging solutions for the mass market, with the infrastructure and strategic partnerships in place to enable global supply and support for a high-tech product in the fast-paced industry of consumer electronics.

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