KIMREE Introduces the First Front-Loading Vaporizer for MOD in the World

Jul 17, 2015, 11:19 ET from Huizhou KIMREE Technology Co., Ltd.

SHENZHEN, China, July 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- KIMREE has released a new clearmizer mod vaporizer -- TIP TANK, equipped with advanced technology by adding e-liquid from the upper part, which is the first device to do such in the e-cigarette category. The new technology solves the common problem adding e-liquid in mods.

Most mod e-cigarettes on the market add e-liquid from bottom. Before adding e-liquid, users need to unscrew clearmizer from mod body, and then unscrew the bottom part of clearmizer, finally the e-liquid can be added. Meanwhile, the users have to install all those parts -- screw the bottom part of clearmizer, and screw the clearmizer to the body of mod. Furthermore, the design flaw often leads to the problem of e-liquid leakage, causing wasted resources, poorly affecting the user experience.

In line with the principle of supplying high quality e-cigarette, KIMREE has announced the innovative clearmizer equipped with the technology of adding e-liquid from upper part, by researching and improving continually. At the same time, the company has applied for its domestic and international patent on this technology. 

According to KIMREE's research team, the new clearmizer comes with two separate sealing holes in its two ends. The upper sealing hole is for adding e-liquid, the bottom one is for providing e-liquid to atomizing. The new clearmizer has a smart mutual lock function -- when the upper sealing hole is open, the bottom one will lock automatically -- and vice versa. When adding e-liquid, users don't have to unscrew clearmizer from vaporizer body, only need to rotate the upper nut to expose the upper sealing hole, then to add e-liquid from upper sealing hole. After adding e-liquid, rotate the upper nut again, lock the upper sealing hole. Then users can start to vape normally.

Reborn, an expert in e-cigarette industry, "The new clearmizer subverts traditional complicated and inefficient way of adding e-liquid, simplifies its process completely, provides a more convenient, efficient and reliable way by adding e-liquid from upper part instead of bottom part."


Be short for Huizhou KIMREE Technology Limited Company, KIMREE is one of the largest e-cigarette manufacturers and solution suppliers, specializing in the research, manufacture and market of e-cigarettes. In 2014, KIMREE became the only e-cigarette company that filed with the SEC to list on the NASDAQ. Until the beginning of 2015, the company has owned more than 2,500 domestic and international patents, and was on the list of top ten filers of international patent under Patent Cooperation Treaty applications in 2014, after Huawei Technologies, Co. and ZTE Corporation. KIMREE has made continuous innovation by cooperating with Agricultural University of Hunan and more professional tobacco institutions. Relying on the unique market foresight, the company has produced many series of e-cigarettes which lead the e-cig market on technology, material, appearance and package design and become a model followed by competitors in the industry. Read more at

SOURCE Huizhou KIMREE Technology Co., Ltd.