King of Jewelry Provides Tips for Marriage-Minded Customers Seeking out the Perfect Diamond

Searching for the most suitable diamond need not be a hassle, especially when King of Jewelry's diamond experts and fine jewelry artisans are at hand

Nov 15, 2013, 15:09 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With so many world-class fine jewelry stores in Los Angeles, it can be difficult to pick out an engagement ring with so many options available. Located in the heart of the Los Angeles Diamond District, King of Jewelry understands this difficulty, choosing to be accommodating by selling a wide range of loose diamonds, semi mounts and fine jewelry.

The King will also make recommendations. For one, if she has an eye for the brilliant cut gemstones which emit the most fire, perhaps the rectangular-shaped radiant cut loose diamonds would catch her eye. Alternatively, if she has a more classic taste, then the perennial favorite, round cut engagement rings, might be more her style. Whether she prefers vintage styles such as Asscher cut rings or the subtle sparkle of emerald cut diamond rings, there are several things a couple should learn about diamonds before making their final purchase.

King of Jewelry recommends purchasing fine jewelry only from a store that offers diamond certification from top gemological institutes, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the nation's top diamond grading resource. The benefit of having an independent agency grading diamonds is that they are objective and unaffiliated with any particular retailer, so customers are assured their diamond quality is actually a genuinely fine gemstone. Loose diamonds sold at King of Jewelry have such a designation, and are graded based on their cut, color, clarity and carat weight - sometimes referred to as the "4 Cs" of diamond evaluation. In more detail, these mean:

  • Cut. The diamond cut is mainly a matter of the buyer's preference, as there are 12 main cuts of diamonds. These include the most popular, the round brilliant cut, as well as other cuts and shapes that appeal to different women, such as the princess, oval, heart, radiant, emerald, pear, marquise, Asscher, triangle, cushion and other small accent cuts like baguette.
  • Color. Diamond color, or lack of color, is an important factor in determining its value. The diamond's presence of color is judged on a graded scale. "D" represents a rare, natural colorless diamond, and the spectrum continues to the letter "Z," indicating a presence of color. King of Jewelry sells many fancy colored loose diamonds, including vivid yellow canary diamonds.
  • Clarity. A diamond that has perfect clarity is incredibly rare and valuable, because it must withstand tremendous heat and pressure, and usually this results in a variety of internal inclusions and external blemishes. The GIA has six categories in the diamond clarity scale, from flawless under 10x magnification to included diamonds, which are obvious to the naked eye and affect the transparency and brilliance of the stone.
  • Carat. Perhaps the most well-known of the "Cs," carat is a measure of the stone's weight. Diamond price always increases with carat weight, but price is also determined by the previous 3 Cs, because two diamonds of equal weight may have very different values.

At King of Jewelry, we might mention that ever important pressing fifth "C," which is cost. At King of Jewelry, customers can expect the finest quality jewelry in Los Angeles at a reasonable, wholesale price.  We offer plenty of educational materials on our website at for the interested diamond shopper, and we welcome you to visit our store in the Los Angeles Diamond District to learn more. Please call King of Jewelry today for further information, at (888) 349-8299 to learn more about our stunning loose diamonds.

SOURCE King of Jewelry