King of Jewelry's Signature Canary Diamond Engagement Rings are Fit for a Princess

King of Jewelry presents a signature line of canary diamond engagement rings to couples this holiday season

Oct 19, 2012, 13:34 ET from

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --King of Jewelry's diamond rings are notorious for their "beauty of natural diamonds with timeless designs." This holiday season, the Los Angeles-based jeweler provides customers with something a bit unconventional: signature canary diamond engagement rings. Selecting a diamond engagement ring, a longstanding symbol of the marriage union, is quite the undertaking for a happy couple. But with the rising popularity of yellow diamonds, many women are now convinced they want a canary stones. Jewelers from all over the world, including France, Russia, and China, acquiesce that yellow diamonds are a sophisticated choice, as the demand for the fiery jewels increases.

Women often profess that they cannot wear yellow. The sunny shade is not widely regarded as a serious or generally pleasing color choice. In the world of fashion, red is often thought of as alluring or as a power color, an appropriate choice for a first date or a business meeting. Black clothing fits in with a timeless, sophisticated persona, associated with iconic beauties like Audrey Hepburn. But these days, ladies are discovering that yellow is quite a suitable color, at least, when it pertains to the jewelry they are wearing.

A cheaper alternative to white diamonds in many cases, canary yellow gems are beautiful and cutting-edge, perfect for the modern girl with groundbreaking tastes. King of Jewelry's signature canary engagement rings are available in a variety of cuts, including cushion, asscher, round, oval, pear, radiant, and more. The cut selected will accentuate the brilliance of these diamonds in different ways. The bride-to-be shall remain eternally girlish with a yellow heart-shaped gemstone, surrounded by traditional white gems. Perhaps the special lady would prefer a more emphatic design, such as a dual halo surrounding a cushion-cut canary diamond. Or, choose an engagement ring with a unique setting and combination of shapes, such as a radiant-cut center piece fit between two heart-shaped white-diamonds. The way the canary and clear diamonds play off each other is truly dazzling, and King of Jewelry holds many design combinations.  

King of Jewelry continues in their tradition of offering affordable engagement rings, men's diamond wedding rings, and other luxurious items to price-conscious couples, a mission the wholesale jeweler remains committed to for over 18 years. Their diamond wedding rings and engagement rings range in price, and the retailer continually offers discounts on these gorgeous items. Familiarize yourself with our huge selection of wholesale jewelry online or visit our jewelry store based in the Los Angeles jewelry mart.

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