KipCall: The iPhone App That Lets You Call Facebook Friends Without Their Phone Numbers

Mar 24, 2011, 10:44 ET from KipCall

MIAMI, March 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MobileGlobe officially launches Version 1.0 of KipCall for iPhone. KipCall is an application that lets you call your Facebook friends without having their phone numbers.

This revolutionary product brings calling capabilities to Facebook and gives you control of who can call you. At any time, you can decide whether to block people or allow them access to call you.

How does it work? You download KipCall from the App Store, login with your Facebook ID, and it is done. You can then immediately call all your friends that have KipCall - no phone number, no WIFI, no 3G required. And it's just like a regular call.

Yoann Valensi, CEO, MobileGlobe said: "I decided to create KipCall when I realized that voice calls almost disappeared from my social life. I'm chatty, and I miss that. I wanted to bring voice calls onto the scene."

According to Valensi, one of the biggest reasons for this downturn in voice calls centers around the need for control.

Facebook lets you accept and end friendships, and people are used to that. Phone numbers on the other hand make you reachable forever.

KipCall gets rid of phone numbers and replaces it with Facebook. You can then block friends, which is just like turning your phone off to some people only.

Valensi added: "In the short term, I believe KipCall will change the way people keep in touch - I can't wait to hear a girl say to a guy 'just KipCall me'. In the long term, I think it will kill phone numbers, which are meant to die anyway. We don't want to change voice communication, this is great. We just want to adapt it to make it better."

KipCall also has other cool features. Users will see when another KipCall user is nearby (0,62Miles). It does not reveal your location, it just lets you know that your friends are around so you can call them. It also includes a list filter, which is missing in Facebook.

Version 1.0 will be limited to calls to North America (CANADA and USA) and will be free with a fair usage policy. BlackBerry and Android versions are already underway.

About MobileGlobe:

MobileGlobe is a French company which specializes in mobile phone calling applications. They have offices in Brazil, London and Florida.