KIWIBOX.COM: Second Quarter Membership Surge!


Jul 17, 2015, 16:00 ET from

NEW YORK, July 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ("Kiwibox"), (OTCBB: KIWB) is pleased to announce the activity and user development during the second quarter ended June 30, 2015.


  • Active Members  –  4.49 Million as of June 30th, an increase of approximately 8% over the first quarter, 2015
  • New Registrations –  641,125 in 2nd quarter 2015, an increase of approximately 1% over the previous quarter 2015 and 41% more than in same quarter in 2014
  • Unique Visitors –  5.0 Million in 2nd quarter 2015, an increase of approximately 11% over the 1st quarter 2015.
  • Page Impressions –  465.9 Million in 2nd quarter 2015, a decrease of approximately 9% from the 1st quarter 2015.
  • Guestbook Entries – 148.4 Million as of June 30th, a slight increase of approximately 1.5% over the 1st quarter 2015.
  • Blog Entries –  106.3 Million as of June 30th, an increase of approximately 3.7% from the 1st quarter 2015
  • Mobile Users –  0.46 Million Installations as of June 30th, an increase of approximately 12% over the 1st quarter, 2015. 

"We continued to see the upward trend in new user sign-ups during the second quarter," observed Andre Scholz, Kiwibox's President and CEO. "Facilitating the social interaction of our members through our regularly scheduled website and Mobile Apps enhancements produces dividends, most notably in our increasing membership ranks (on average over 7,000 per day during the 2nd quarter) and reflected in their loyalty to our community. In fact, we are excited about the pending launch of our new Kiwibox 4.0, a substantial upgrade to our website and Mobile Apps that will provide our users with a more seamless connectivity platform. And, Kiwibox 4.0 incorporates new features that will further entice our membership and friends to stay connected through our social network community," continued Mr. Scholz.  

Market Position

The Kiwibox Group is in a unique position because it combines the excitement of a dating community with the benefits and accessibility of a real social network. The Kiwibox Group encourages members to explore local events in their area, connect with other members and enjoy the additional member exclusive benefits the social network is offering, such as games, blogging, chatting, picture-sharing and online-flirting. This community behavior binds users to the platform and is the base for our viral marketing.

Technology Development

The Kiwibox Group is focusing on the fast growing mobile usage phenomenon, being online with friends any time and everywhere. As announced by Mr. Scholz today, the Kiwibox Group expects to release Kiwibox 4.0 during the current quarter.

About Company History was initially founded in 1999 to give teenagers a voice on the Internet and was a leader in the teen oriented world for several years. In August 2007, the company was bought by Magnitude Information Systems, Inc., a publicly listed company. In the first quarter of 2011, acquired a photo blogging community. On September 30, 2011 acquired the German social network community KWICK!, finalizing the acquisition in May 2012 and currently our 20% owned German affiliate. Kiwibox common shares are listed on the over-the-counter, Bulletin Board market under the symbol KIWB.OB.

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