Klamath Settlement Parties Urge Congress to Implement Negotiated Agreements

Dec 07, 2015, 17:57 ET from Klamath Settlement Parties

KLAMATH BASIN, Ore., Dec. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- "We appreciate Congressman Walden's efforts in releasing a discussion draft related to the Klamath Basin Agreements. The Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement will terminate at the end of this month if Congress does not pass legislation and the Klamath Basin will return to the conflicts that hurt all our communities.

"Like any negotiated settlement, the agreements represent a careful balance of benefits and compromises by all of the parties.

"We strongly urge the Senators and Members of Congress who represent the Klamath Basin to roll up their sleeves and finalize legislation that achieves the goals of the parties to the settlement. With the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement poised to expire at the end of this month, there is no time to waste."

Klamath settlement parties and supporters of this statement include:

American Rivers  

Klamath Water Users Association

California Trout    

Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations

California Waterfowl Association  


Family Farm Alliance          

Trout Unlimited

Fort Klamath Critical Habitat Land Owners  

Upper Klamath Water Users Association

Institute for Fisheries Resources

Karuk Tribe

Klamath Tribes

The Klamath Agreements were negotiated and approved by dozens of stakeholder groups, including farmers and ranchers, Tribes, commercial fishermen, conservation organizations and several governmental entities. The Agreements represent unprecedented cooperation among a wide range of interests and have the potential to create a new paradigm for tackling complex water sharing challenges in the Western United States. The package of agreements cannot be implemented until Congress passes legislation.


SOURCE Klamath Settlement Parties