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Dec 27, 2012, 08:30 ET from JLD Auto Parts

CHANGZHOU, China, Dec. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As a top auto parts manufacturer that was established in 2004, JLD Auto Parts has achieved great progress and great leaps forward in development in recent years. Products from JLD Auto Parts have been sold in Central and South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and more. Meanwhile, the products catalog of JLD Auto Parts covers four major car manufacturing industries from all over the world, namely Japanese, Korean, American and European car makers.

To open up more global markets and provide better services to our regular customers, JLD Auto Parts never stops in our way forward. "Your success is our business" is our enterprise culture that we strictly follow and insist on since day one. We will always adhere to it and have consistently considered our customers' perspectives. We firmly believe that only by thinking more about our customers that our customers would think more of us.

Meanwhile, we take great effort in the construction of our product management system. We adopted modern production management systems that operate from production and inspection to after-sale service for our products. We also have acquired ISO 9001(2008) certification and have firmly followed its requirements. We strongly believe that only under the management of scientific and effective product management system that we can supply products with flair.

However, while we have been equipped with great systems, only by following key elements can we completely utilize new and competitive technology and gain knowledge in both management and production. Through this, we have maintained the competitiveness of our star products, like JLD Ball Joint, JLD Rack End and other series of auto parts. Additionally, we have spent great effort innovating new production technology and shortening the payback period while supplying our best products.

We have actively taken part in various exhibitions and have spent a lot of energy on online marketing. As a result, new products and innovations are continuously presented to satisfy the customers' requirements, with a flow of customers expressing their interests and care for JLD Auto Parts and our product series.

Without a doubt, a good global market reputation plays a very important role in the lasting development and expansion of companies like us. Under the current global market situation, we have little advantage in price and are faced with more and more challenges, so we are taking effective measures to increase our own characteristics and competitiveness. Only on the basis that we have lasting competitiveness and irreplaceable advantages that we can remain invincible in the global market.

Finally, we cannot emphasize enough that "Your success is our business."

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