KnowledgeTree Survey Discovers Why Teamwork Can Be So Painful

Poll of 1,400 Business Users Discovers the Root of the Collaboration Challenge

Sep 12, 2012, 08:15 ET from KnowledgeTree

RALEIGH, N.C., Sept. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- KnowledgeTree, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions that help companies "rule their documents," today announced the results of a survey that investigated how teams work together on business processes and documents. The study of 1,400 business users across six continents discovered that the process of creating and approving team-generated content is hobbled at the vast majority of organizations.  


The survey found that teamwork is at the heart of today's businesses, and documents are central to how teams collaborate.

  • Professionals rarely work in isolation. 94% of all contracts, proposals and other business documents require teams to produce.
  • Documents are repeatedly revised. 90% of documents go through at least three revisions, with back-and-forth of input between colleagues.

The collaboration process is broken, and email is the culprit.

  • Collaboration is not a pleasant experience. 79% of professionals said that the process of working across teams was frustrating.
  • Feedback is a key part of teamwork, but it's frustrating to manage. 59% of professionals gather input on contracts, proposals and other documents via email. 
    • The cascade of suggestions and attachments via email is why only 16% of these professionals think it is easy to gather input.
  • Sharing document-based information across teams isn't easy. The ability to restrict access to just the right people and roles is difficult – in fact, more than half find controlling authorization to be a significant challenge when they share documents via email.

Collaboration is empty without process. But approval processes are inefficient.

  • Email is the primary vehicle for approving documents, but it is not effective. 61% of contracts, budgets and other document approvals are done via email, but only 13% of users find the process to be efficient.
    • Why is it so frustrating? In addition to the multiple iterations, 59% of documents need to be revalidated post approval. So, filtering through old emails to find authorizations is difficult.
  • Efficiency goes up drastically when email is removed from the picture. Respondents have increased productivity by 43% and saved as much as three days for the average document with a document management system.

"Document management is a challenge for all businesses. This new data reveals that email adds unnecessary obstacles that impair productivity and affect the bottom line," said Daniel Chalef, chief executive officer of KnowledgeTree. "Real-time co-authoring and collaboration tools bring a structured approach to document management that amplifies efficiency and helps companies rule their documents."

KnowledgeTree created an infographic and video to further illustrate the survey results. KnowledgeTree's cloud-based solution makes collaboration truly business-ready. It combines structured approval processes and collaborative tools built for the way businesses work. For more information and a free trial of the solution, visit

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