Kognitio Demonstrates Significant Momentum In First Half Of 2012, Gaining New Clients, Increased Awareness As Big Data Surges

In-memory processing, cloud-based implementation among mid-market enterprises seen as key elements to continued growth

Jul 03, 2012, 11:01 ET from Kognitio

NEW YORK, July 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Kognitio, driving the convergence of Big Data analytics and cloud computing, today announced the conclusion of its most successful sales quarter in the last three years.  The company cited this news as evidence that its revised positioning and sales strategy are starting to gain traction.

Kognitio said it has successfully closed new contracts and expanded relationships with existing clients in key vertical markets such as retail, customer loyalty and analytical service providers (ASPs).  Firms in each of these markets have grown increasingly dependent on the ability to perform rapid analytics against huge data sets within seconds, to obtain insights that enable them to achieve maximum profitability.  Kognitio Cloud enables these organizations to achieve those objectives, with stunningly quick implementation times, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional business intelligence (BI) infrastructures.

The progress has been looked upon favorably by industry analysts, who have taken notice of recent moves by the company.  451 Research analyst Matt Aslett, for instance, recently wrote that Kognitio "is progressing well in terms of customer and headcount growth...Industry trends are playing into the company's hands, and we like the subtle shift in emphasis and branding to take advantage of growing interest in in-memory and cloud-based analytics. The company's long track record in delivering both should stand it in good stead."

Steve Millard, Kognitio president and chief executive officer, noted that the company's sales pipeline has more than quintupled in the past three quarters; he further remarked that more than 70 percent of those prospective clients initiated their search for an analytical platform on Kognitio Cloud, favoring that platform over appliance and software implementations.

"Our growth is taking place almost entirely in North America," Millard said.  "This is consistent with our strategic focus.  We have, as part of that plan, employed a top-tier team for sales and marketing in the United States.  We are already beginning to see significant results, and strongly expect to see our growth sharply escalate in the second half of this year."

About Kognitio
Kognitio is driving the convergence of Big Data analytics and cloud computing.  Having delivered the first in-memory analytical platform in 1989, it was designed from the ground up to provide the highest amount of scalable compute power to allow rapid execution of complex analytical queries without the administrative overhead of manipulating data.  Kognitio software runs on industry-standard x86 servers, or as an appliance, or in the Kognitio Cloud, a ready-to-use analytical platform. 

The Kognitio Cloud is a secure, private or public cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).  Kognitio Cloud leverages the cloud computing model to make the Kognitio Analytical Platform available on a subscription basis.   Clients span industries, including market research, consumer packaged goods, retail, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, gaming, media and utilities. 

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