Kognitio Expands "Big Data" Analytics To The Amazon Web Services Cloud

Latest offering pairs rapid implementation within minutes with slashed costs in the cloud; Kognitio offers industry's widest range of PaaS analytics

Jul 10, 2012, 05:00 ET from Kognitio

NEW YORK, July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Kognitio, driving the convergence of Big Data, in-memory analytics and cloud computing, today announced the immediate availability of its in-memory analytical platform via Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In doing so, Kognitio is extending the reach of Kognitio Cloud implementations, giving its clients the industry's widest range of cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings for companies that need to gain business insights from Big Data. This allows companies to choose how they want to do advanced data analytics on their corporate-critical information, where they want to store the data while doing so, and to control their costs to a greater degree than ever before.

Kognitio said it now offers multi-node capability via AWS' Cluster Compute offering, enabling multi-terabyte in-memory analytics. It is also making Kognitio Cloud immediately available as a full production release on a single-node Amazon Machine Image (AMI) via the AWS Marketplace. An AMI is a pre-configured image that can be used to create a "ready-to-go" environment on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) service.  

Kognitio Cloud's power, coupled with the traditional cost and time advantages associated with cloud-based services, as well as maximum flexibility, makes it an ideal platform for funded start-ups, small- and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger organizations seeking to develop an application before scaling out without using greater cycles in an existing analytical environment. 

"AWS' flexibility, coupled with Kognitio Cloud's ease of use and scalability, makes it possible for companies to load and obtain results from terabyte-sized data sets within 15 minutes," said Kognitio senior vice president John Coppins. He added that Kognitio's pricing allows companies to run queries for as little as 64 cents per hour, and said a full production license will be included, enabling organizations to not only explore the benefits provided by Kognitio's in-memory technology, but also to deploy applications quickly, without requiring a significant financial commitment.

"Big Data is shaping the way companies of all sizes develop new products and identify new opportunities for efficiency," said Iain Gavin, Director, Amazon EU.  "By bringing its Big Data analysis tools to the AWS cloud, Kognitio is giving customers new opportunities to solve their business challenges on demand while keeping their costs down."

Kognitio is not new to analytics in the cloud; the company has been offering this service to firms worldwide for more than 15 years, well before "cloud computing" was first used as a term.  The company also pioneered the use of in-memory analytics, more than 20 years ago.

"The real business benefits of in-memory analytical technologies are increasingly utilized by organizations around the world; we are pleased to see the market moving toward a position we have held for years," Coppins said. "By making our technology available via Amazon Web Services, Kognitio is assuming a leadership role in the development of Cloud infrastructure."

About Kognitio
Kognitio is driving the convergence of Big Data, in-memory analytics and cloud computing.  Having delivered the first in-memory analytical platform in 1989, it was designed from the ground up to provide the highest amount of scalable compute power to allow rapid execution of complex analytical queries without the administrative overhead of manipulating data.  Kognitio software runs on industry-standard x86 servers, or as an appliance, or in Kognitio Cloud, a ready-to-use analytical platform.  Kognitio Cloud is a secure, private or public cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), leveraging the cloud computing model to make the Kognitio Analytical Platform available on a subscription basis.   Clients span industries, including market research, consumer packaged goods, retail, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, gaming, media and utilities. 

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