Kontagent Enables Mobile App Developers to Create More Effective Marketing Campaigns

iOS and Android app marketers now have unprecedented visibility into the performance of their advertising efforts with Facebook's new mobile app install ads

Nov 14, 2012, 09:58 ET from Kontagent

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Kontagent, the leading mobile customer intelligence solution, announced today that it will enable app makers to measure and improve the effectiveness of their mobile advertising with Facebook's recently announced mobile app install ads, which appear in Facebook's mobile News Feed.

As the mobile ecosystem becomes more competitive, app makers face rising costs to acquire high-value mobile users. This announcement gives mobile app makers powerful insights on the performance and behaviors of customers who install apps via Facebook's mobile app install ads.

  • With kSuite Enterprise, mobile marketers and developers can easily measure key performance indicators (KPIs) such as retention and average revenue per user (ARPU). These metrics empower them to target and acquire their most engaged and profitable customers.
  • With kSuite DataMine™, they are able to measure and analyze the most granular in-app behaviors of customers who installed their apps from different channels.
  • The solution is compliant with Facebook data and privacy policies.

"Our announcement enables marketers to dive into the most granular insights on customer behavior. They'll be able to improve their user acquisition, engagement, retention and eventually their monetization strategies," said Jeff Tseng, CEO at Kontagent.

Kontagent has a long history of developing solutions for Facebook marketers; in 2008 Kontagent received an early investment from fbFund, Facebook's funding and incubator program for third-party developers and vendors. Since then, Kontagent has become a key Facebook analytics provider. Thousands of app developers depend on kSuite to measure and refine their social and mobile apps for optimal user experiences.

"In order to maintain a competitive edge, mobile app marketers need to spend their dollars wisely," said Tseng. "From churn prediction to a comparative analysis of a variety of paid advertising sources, we can provide marketers the deepest actionable insights into customer behavior. They'll be able to get the most out of their ad spend, so that they can attract and keep the most profitable users."

kSuite Enterprise is a full, end-to-end mobile analytics solution which provides the actionable insights mobile marketers, developers and product managers need to optimize the entire customer life cycle, from acquisition to engagement to retention to monetization. Thousands of corporations use kSuite Enterprise to increase customer lifetime values, and meet their business objectives.

About Kontagent
Kontagent is the leading mobile customer intelligence solution, enabling thousands of businesses worldwide to maximize customer value and make smarter business decisions. The company's proprietary platform, kSuite, has been built from the ground up to harness deep data pattern visualization and analysis that provides mobile developers and marketers with valuable, actionable insights. Armed with this data, and combined with Kontagent's team of data scientists, Kontagent clients have the power to measure and optimize their user acquisition efforts and build better customer experiences. Kontagent provides analytics to more than 1,000 applications, measures over 200 million monthly active users and processes in excess of 100 billion events each month. Founded in 2007, the company is headquartered in San Francisco with additional offices in Toronto and London. For more information, visit www.kontagent.com.

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