Kontagent Hires Former Glu Mobile Executive to Scale Its Professional Services Offering

Jun 25, 2012, 13:47 ET from Kontagent

SAN FRANCISCO, June 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Kontagent, the leading enterprise user analytics company, is proud to announce that former Glu Mobile executive Lin Wang has joined the company as Director of Professional Services. In his new role, Wang will scale a team of data scientists and business intelligence analysts who help Kontagent customers to better interpret their data, improve customer experience and ultimately generate more revenue.

"We're very excited to have Lin spearhead our professional services offering," said Andy Arnold, Vice President of Customer Experience and Professional Services, Kontagent. "Lin brings a wealth of knowledge in the realm of using analytics to optimize user experiences, and specifically app development."

Wang joins Kontagent's growing team of data scientists whose primary objective is to help its customers understand how they can improve their apps in order to increase user acquisitions, retention and monetization.

Adds Arnold, "At Kontagent, we track billions of user data points from our social and mobile customers monthly. Our Professional Services team partners with our customers to provide them actionable insights into these massive amounts of data. We can help them answer questions such as, 'Where are users dropping off within their app?' and 'What are the purchase habits of their most profitable users?' Their success is our success."

Wang comes to Kontagent from Glu Mobile, a global publisher of mobile games. As Director of Customer Insights at Glu, Wang established and implemented all corporate and in-game analytics strategies and marketing plans to exceed the company's business objectives. Prior to that, Wang was with Nielsen NetRatings, where he managed a group data analysts for some of the company's largest clients, and provided competitive advantages into the online office product space. Wang has also held software and applications roles at Affymetrix, a provider of genomic analysis tools and reagents for genetic testing. There, Wang created a methodology around analyzing huge volumes of genetic data.

"Kontagent knows that it is imperative to work from clean, high-quality data," Wang said. "As an analyst, data is about trust; if you can't trust that your data is accurate, you fear your analysis may be worthless. And, in a cross-platform world where your users could be accessing your app through Facebook or another social network and then again through their mobile phones, it's becoming even more crucial to have access to clean data in order to understand what appeals to them. That's why I'm honored to join the Kontagent team--everyone here cares so much about data integrity."

Wang earned a bachelor's degree in microbiology from U.C. Davis and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Wang was also a candidate for a PhD in genetics at U.C. Riverside. He went on to be a part of a team of scientists that identified genes for cancer, childhood diabetes, autism and Alzheimer's disease.  

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