Kontagent Rolls Out New Tools to Tell You Why Users Make Purchases, Identify Top Users Through Lifetime Spending Patterns

With powerful upgrades to its mobile customer intelligence offering, companies can interpret the characteristics and behavior of their most valuable social and mobile customers.

Mar 25, 2013, 09:00 ET from Kontagent

SAN FRANCISCO, March 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Kontagent today announced new cohort and revenue analysis functionalities to its kSuite platform. The new features enable companies to decipher the actions of high-value customers and top spenders.

  • Cohort Explorer lets companies discover key actions and isolate behaviors that lead a group (or cohort) of customers to make their first in-app purchase, or booking, and compare them over time.
  • Revenue Analysis maximizes customer lifetime value (LTV), by allowing marketers to track and measure how much a customer spends throughout their lifetime.

Kontagent customers can now:

  • Identify the root causes of successful marketing campaigns;
  • Measure the results of user experience split testing;
  • Explore complex data sets—which previously required laborious raw querying of data stores.

Cohort Explorer is a high-performance tool that enables data exploration that is orders of magnitude faster and less expensive than on-premise market alternatives. Its flexible, robust architecture gives end-users the most advanced capability for granular data exploration of any solution like it in the market.

"It can be incredibly difficult to study the purchasing trends of players on mobile. Segmenting player behaviors from different periods in time based on their install dates or other predefined milestones, such as their first in-app purchase, are imperative to our ability to acquire quality users," said Niccolo de Masi, President and CEO of Glu Mobile. "The flexibility to adjust efforts based on dynamic data is key to improving our marketing ROI."

In mobile, apps must evolve in response to user behavior. And companies need tools like cohort analysis to decide how to improve products and engage users for specific segments, in a way that will optimize retention. With this tool, companies can now easily pinpoint the characteristics of a population and its behavior, and track each within an application's product lifecycle.

With Cohort Explorer, companies can track and interpret the behaviors of customers from one period to another, answering important questions, such as: Which customers should we focus on? Which cohort performed better? How did newly released features affect customer behavior?

Revenue Analysis allows businesses to not only perform cohort analysis, but also track users back to the original marketing channels from which they were acquired. The ability to calculate customer LTV is essential for companies that depend on in-app purchases and bookings for profit.

"We've seen an alarming trend in app marketing where businesses are focused on spending money to acquire high volumes of users, but not following those users through their lifetimes in order to assess whether those users are actually profitable," said Jeff Tseng, CEO and co-founder, Kontagent. "For example, if your marketing campaign costs $6 to acquire a customer, but that customer only spends $5 over her lifetime in your application, you're in the red. That model isn't sustainable for any business. Cohort Explorer and Revenue Analysis help to weed out the customers who are costing you, so you can allocate your resources to the ones who are profitable, and can drive your business forward."

The new functionalities mean app developers can better allocate resources and budget for maximum ROI.

Both tools, revenue analysis and cohort explorer, are now available to current kSuite subscribers. More information about Kontagent's kSuite mobile intelligence platform is available at http://www.kontagent.com/products/.

About Kontagent
Kontagent is the leading mobile customer intelligence (MCI) solutions provider for companies looking to generate the greatest amount of customer value in their multiscreen business. The company's unique MCI approach empowers companies with the people, process and platform needed to translate customer behavioral data into accurate, actionable business decisions and create memorable experiences across mobile devices. Its proprietary kSuite platform, built from the ground up specifically for mobile, has helped businesses such as Viacom, Electronic Arts and Turner Broadcasting gather, analyze and use their data to grow and dominate in the mobile marketplace. Founded in 2007, Kontagent is headquartered in San Francisco with additional offices in Toronto, London, Seoul and Tokyo. For more information, visit www.kontagent.com and on Twitter @Kontagent.

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