Kootol Software Limited Sends Informative Notice to the Several Companies

Jul 15, 2011, 10:00 ET from Kootol Software Limited

MUMBAI, India, July 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --


Kootol Software Ltd. has announced that it has sent a notice to the several companies to bring to their attention about the core technology they are using for their different service and products, for which company has exclusive patent license rights. Patent application filed in USA having application number 11/995343, covers core messaging, publication and real time searching technology and effect whole products & services. Kootol has also expressed concern that said companies may violate their intellectual property by using it for their websites, networks, applications, services, platforms, operating systems and devices. Kootol is in the process of examining this position and the purpose of serving this notice is to bring the fact to attention of said multiple companies at the very earliest stage so that said companies gets a full opportunity to examine the matter.

The companies to whom the Kootol has sends notice for using their core technology are Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Apple, Bharti Airtel Ltd., Webaroo Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., Amazon, AOL, Nokia, Bebo Inc., ExactTarget Inc., Ford Motor, Foursquare Inc., IBM, Linkedin, MySpace, NING Inc., Research In Motion Inc., Quora Inc., Salesforce.com Inc., Seesmic Inc., Siemens Enterprise Communications Inc., Sina.com Technology Co. Ltd., StatusNet Inc.,  PopBox Inc., Twitpic Inc., Peek Inc., The Iconfactory Inc., Ubermedia Inc., Yammer Inc., Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to above companies we are also in process of sending informative notice to several other companies and developers, who are using our technology, to convey them to examine &  settle the matter. We also welcome all the companies and developers for the licensing.

About Kootol Software Limited: The Company has founded in 2010 by Rathod Brothers. Companyhas entered into an exclusive patent license agreement with Mr. Yogesh Rathod in respect of US Patent Application No. 11/995,343 titled "A Method and System for Communication, Advertising, Searching, Sharing and Dynamically Providing a Journal Feed". The corresponding patent has been also filed in India, Canada and Europe (EPO). This exclusive license agreement is for the one of the embodiment (part) of the patent, which allows exclusive patent license rights to the company for a unique core technology providing a dynamic and real-time communication technology.

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