KORE announce the establishment of their new Asian headquarters

Mar 08, 2011, 09:00 ET from Kore Nutrition Inc.

HENDERSON, NV, March 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Kore Nutrition Incorporated ("Kore" or the "Company") (OTCBB: KORE) and the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Go All In, Inc. ("ALL IN") are pleased to announce the establishment of their new Asian headquarters located at Suite # 1A, 21F, Tower 1, China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road, TST, Hong Kong and managed by Mr. Olivay Sourachet, a highly respected businessman.

ALL IN Asia is headed by Mr. Desmond Liew, an experienced and highly capable marketing and distribution expert in Asia. ALL IN Asia will manage the rollout of ALL IN Energy products throughout the important markets of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Korea initially, then expand distribution throughout the rest of this region over time.  ALL IN Asia will be an integral component of the strategic development of high quality ALL IN products with a view to increasing company profits, brand awareness, and shareholder value.

ALL IN Energy products will be custom designed to appeal to Asian consumers across all demographics but with special consideration towards an increasingly health conscious consumer base throughout this region.  Consumers in this market will immediately identify with ALL IN's brand focus of safely providing a sustained level of energy, focus, stamina, sharpness of mind and memory, and immune system support, during times of pressure, exercise, and fatigue, as well as for the everyday demands of life.

ALL IN Asia will focus sales and distribution to on-premise hotels and resorts, in addition to off-premise retail outlets and neighborhood markets all over China, such as Lotus Supermarkets and Carrefour stores. Chinese herbs and proprietary ingredient formulas which are proprietary to All In energy drinks, are better understood and appreciated in this region than any other region in the world. All In's graphics, flavors, and key ingredients are what sets All In products apart from our competitors.

Initially, ALL IN Asia products will be manufactured in the U.S. and shipped by ocean vessel to key Asian ports near the company's distribution operations.  When ALL IN Asia sales have achieved a predetermined level, ALL IN Asia will seek out and contract local manufacturers, eliminating the costs of ocean freight, and thus exponentially increasing profits.

ALL IN Asia sales are projected to be significant due to the shear size of market, an exploding trend towards energy drink consumption, and through aggressive distribution partners.  Asia sales are expected to increase company profits significantly.

About Go All In, Inc.

ALL IN™ Energy produces premium energy drinks and an enhanced purified water to suit the demands of an active world. Unlike competitive energy drinks, which can lack  great taste and occasionally create a mere energy blip, ALL IN™ Energy is a premium sugar free product, with no carbohydrates, and less than 10 calories per can. ALL IN™ Energy uses herbs, vitamins and amino-acids to provide a balanced and sustained sharpening of focus and pure energy. ALL IN™ Energy drinks are available in three unique and delicious flavors: Citrus, Grape,  and Acai Berry.  ALL IN™ also offers a premium  water that uses advanced technologies, and preliminary research suggests that ALL IN water is a faster hydrator than ordinary tap water and other mineral waters.

Legendary poker champion Johnny Chan has joined together with fellow top poker professionals, who all endorse ALL IN Energy Drinks.  Exclusive opportunities to meet and play with the pros.

About Kore Nutrition and ALL IN

Kore, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, ALL IN, is engaged in the business of developing, producing, and selling non-alcoholic beverages. It has developed and is currently selling bottled water and four energy drinks.  Its products are associated with professional poker and sports endurance events by the securing of endorsements of professional poker players, sponsoring poker tournaments, and by hosting ALL IN branded poker tournaments. Kore intends to expand the production, sales and distribution of ALL IN over the next twelve months.  For additional information, visit ALL  IN's websites at www.allinenergy.com and www.allinenergy.net.

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