Korea Tourism Organization To Announce 'Era of KOREAN Medical Care WAVE 4.0'

Oct 18, 2012, 01:45 ET from AVING News

SEOUL, Korea, Oct. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Korea Tourism Organization (CEO Cham Lee) held 'Korea International Medical Tourism Convention' which shows the future of Global Medical Tourism from October 18-20, at Ilsan, KINTEX.

'Korea International Medical Tourism Convention' has been held since 2008 in KOREA to forecast the future market by creating a platform for exchanging cutting edge information and on-site business meetings and to expand the position of KOREAN Medical Tourism.

Korea Tourism Organization is promoting Korean medical technology of high levels through their 31 overseas branches placed in 20 countries.

In particular, KOREAN Wave, which is sweeping across the globe, is based on sensitivity and value of humanity, in the same vein medical tourism set the subject of 'KOREAN Medical Care WAVE 4.0- Medical Tourism Design focused on sensitivity and value'. The first paradigm was 'Control of communicable diseases (1.0 era)', the second was 'Curing disease (2.0 era)' and the third was 'Prevention and Management (3.0 era)'.

"Media Tour has to meet the demands on sensitivity and value of humanity," and "We are making this event as a premium exhibition which leads the KOREAN Medical care WAVE with hallyu star, who are getting the limelight from the world," said Cham Lee, CEO of Korea Tourism Organization.

Representative medical centers and related institutes of 100 from 16 countries will be in attendance.

Around 100 people who have purchasing power are invited by Korea Tourism Organization to KOREA from 16 countries to participate in the exhibition.

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