Kozio releases Verification and Test OS (VTOS™) support for Sitara™ ARM® AM335x Cortex™ - A8 processors from Texas Instruments

Feb 14, 2013, 07:55 ET from Kozio, Inc.

LONGMONT, Colo., Feb. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Kozio, Inc. (www.kozio.com), the leading provider of software solutions for embedded hardware design verification and production test, today announced the release of the Verification and Test OS (VTOS™) Standard and Advanced Packages for Sitara™ ARM® AM335x Cortex™ ‒ A8 Processors from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). Both VTOS Packages provide an out-of-the-box board-based design verification and debug solution for AM335x designs containing DDR2/DDR3, NAND flash, NOR flash, SRAM, UARTS, I2C and McSPI. The VTOS AM335x Advanced Package release contains an additional generic display driver allowing the user to graphically modify a device tree and provide simple display initialization scripts to enable full functional testing of any display.

VTOS provides a complete hardware test environment that helps find hardware design errors more quickly and improve overall design quality. VTOS runs on the prototype hardware without the need for an application OS or test executive. Users can run functional tests, write scripts, transfer files, trace test execution and more. VTOS seamlessly transitions to the production test floor saving time and lowering test development costs.

"By releasing VTOS support for TI's Sitara ARM AM335x Cortex-A8 processors, Kozio will provide a processor-specific design verification environment, which is ideal for debugging and fault isolation," said Russell Crane, product marketing managers, Sitara ARM processors, TI. "This makes it easier for developers to accelerate their time to market and deliver high-quality products with reduced risk and cost. TI is pleased to see them reach this milestone and extend its commitment to offer a robust hardware and software ecosystem."

"Users of the Sitara AM335x processors can now use VTOS to find prototype hardware design errors more quickly and improve overall design quality. In addition, VTOS's configurability enables users to be running on their AM335x prototype hardware in minutes," stated Bob Potock, Vice President, Kozio, Inc. "Kozio will continue to work closely with TI and expand its processor coverage."

About VTOS Technology
At the foundation of Kozio's embedded design verification and production test solutions is the industry's first special-purpose OS architected exclusively for embedded design verification and production test. VTOS provides a hardware test platform that includes functional tests, scripting and interactive debug. VTOS is delivered as a binary package specific to the customer's processor family, which can be quickly configured for your embedded hardware– porting is not required. Configured binaries can be downloaded by the bootloader (U-boot) or via JTAG. VTOS is built to span the hardware lifecycle from design, to production, to field-based power-on self-test. VTOS Suite provides an out-of-the-box solution that can save up to 75% of test program development costs.

Evaluate VTOS on BeagleBone and AM335x Starter Kit
Kozio has made available a 30-day free trial of its VTOS Suite for Sitara's AM335x Starter Kit and BeagleBoard.org's BeagleBone. This free trial is available now, and can be downloaded directly from the Kozio website www.kozio.com/evaluateVTOS

Kozio's VTOS Suite packages for Sitara's  AM335x ARM Cortex™-A8 Processors is available immediately. For more information, go to http://www.kozio.com/VTOS

About Kozio, Inc.
Kozio is the leading provider of software solutions for embedded hardware design verification and production test.  Kozio's technology includes a Verification and Test OS (VTOS) - a packaged solution that combines a special purpose OS with a comprehensive peripheral and processor functional test library. VTOS provides a powerful, user configurable verification environment for boot, functional test execution, file transfer and interactive debug. VTOS is designed specifically for the purpose of embedded hardware design verification to ensure design correctness, performance and reliability. VTOS replaces the traditional methods of creating one-off test programs or using the application OS as the hardware test platform. VTOS can also be utilized in production test and field power-on self-test, making the technology transferable within an organization.

About the Texas Instruments Design Network
Kozio is a member of the TI Design Network, a premier group of independent, well-established companies that offer products and system-level design and manufacturing services complementing TI's semiconductors to a worldwide customer base to accelerate product innovation and time-to-market. Network members provide product design, hardware and software system integration, turnkey product design, RF and processor system modules, reference platforms, software development, proof-of-concept design, feasibility studies, research, certification compliance, prototyping, manufacturing, and product life cycle management. For more information about the TI Design Network, please visit www.ti.com/designnetwork.

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