Krav Maga Online Training Websites and Help Stop Violence Before It Begins

Mar 28, 2011, 12:22 ET from KravMagaBootCamp

TEL-AVIV, Israel, March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the Center for Disease Control (the same folks dealing with Swine Flu and the Ebola Virus...) each year over 50,000 deaths and over 2 million injuries occur in the United States as a result of violence. 

When we break these numbers down, we're talking about 6 people dying each hour. Every 15 seconds (around the length of time it took you to read to this point) someone is injured as a result of violence. 

"These numbers, which are getting worse each year, are exactly the reason we founded KravMagaBootCamp," say Amir Student and Lee Rivnay. The pair of young internet entrepreneurs are behind KravMagaBootCamp –the pioneering website for online Krav Maga training. "We wanted to put something out there that anyone could look at to know what to do when violence does come knocking on their door." KravMagaBootCamp features easy to follow video training by Ran Nakash –the IDF Chief instructor in charge of Krav Maga for the Israeli Army. Ran has trained thousands of soldiers, police officers and personal security teams in Krav Maga.

"What makes Krav Maga such a perfect fit for internet training, is that the system stems from the body's natural movements," says Eyal Yanilov, Founder and Chief instructor of KMG and MaxKravMaga. "Video training makes it very simple for people to get going from the comfort of their living rooms.  Students who attend our classes use the site to continue their learning online. A lot of folks and our instructors as well use the website as a reference to know the right way to learn each technique. In the past, students bought DVDs but some of the techniques on DVD can get outdated as new threats arise. Now that our site works on the iPhone and iPad, our members can go over the videos while practicing with a partner on the most current techniques. The internet has opened up a wealth of new possibilities for us."

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